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Adora Cleofe

Tuesday Testimonial:I can do all things through Christ

I finished Lesson 6… Praise the Lord !

Borj Pamaran

Seeing God through practical experiences and nature

Glenda Dacumos

Journey to the Truth

The Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary

Bro Jo Rona

Divine Indwelling Book

Walkthrough Wednesdays with Bro Jo.

Walkthrough with Bro Jo: “HELL IS REAL” – PART 1

Walkthrough with Bro Jo: “HELL IS REAL” – Part 2

Judy Ann Kanap

Listen with the Ear of your Heart

Lei Halili

Mondays with Mother Mary: Immaculate Conception

Testimony Tuesday: Sleepless in Sydney

Mondays With Mother Mary Standing By You.. Always

July Activities: The Greatest Gifts of All

Rhona Alforte

Saturday Song Day: Especially For You


Ryan Melliza

Divine Indwelling as a Tax Planner

Di Mo Na Kailangan… (You Do Not Need…)


Teri Tiojanco

Teri’s DI Journey

As their journey unfolds… Valenzuela Group

Tess Halili

Tuesday Testimonials: “It has to happen”

My Mother… A Disciple of Jesus and Mary

Zarene Halili

Mondays with Mother Mary: “In the end my Immaculate Heart Will Triumph”

Saturday Song Day: The Miracle