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Lesson 6 Divine Indwelling Set 4 Part 1 of 2

Read Sis Zsa Halili’s meditations on Set 4 of Lesson 6 Divine Indwelling..

Family Consecration for the New Year

Start 2017 with your family by praying together this prayer. Click below to get the link or check it out in our LLMS Australia website!

Process of Divine Indwelling: A Healer After My Fall

God dwells in us! If we can only understand how profound the meaning of this is… for if we understood this then we would recognise that every day is a miracle with God.

Guided Divine Indwelling Exercise

A short guided Divine Indwelling Meditation tool. Great for beginners in preparation and for regular DI’ers in the middle of the day, in transit, anywhere! Just DI!

No Retreat No Surrender

Learn about Catherine’s beautiful journey with God when she decided to return, surrender, listen and follow.

New website: Family Cenacle Groups Australia – LLMS

Praise be to God! We would like to announce the launch of the brand new Family Cenacle Groups Australia website. The website address is, and on this website you will be able to find many valuable resources such as: Cenacle group profiles Prayer… Continue Reading “New website: Family Cenacle Groups Australia – LLMS”

Storm at Sea, Camotes Island

Brother & Sisters, this story I share is true. This strengthened my faith in any situation that challenges my soul. God be praised, and thanks to Our Mother. – By Bro Jo Rona


Today’s story is an absolute must read as we are taken to a story about a person’s extreme struggle with depression. Every year there are many souls that are silent victims of mental illness, it is the internal struggle that they must deal with everyday. Doctors can heal us from bodily and physical illness and injury, but it is God that can give us complete healing of mind, body and soul.

Father knows best

Being in the early stages as a Mission Aspirant, the wisdom learnt from the Meditation Guide, Lesson 6 provided by Bro Jo has been simple yet profound for me in understanding how to relate to the current view of the world.

Our Lady’s Humor

A light hearted yet touching story of how Mother Mary truly intercedes in our lives. It may be the little things here and there but she wants us to know that she is truly always there with us, and for us. If we do things in the purpose and name of God with her loving guidance, extraordinary things will happen.