Today’s story is an absolute must read as we are taken to a story about a person’s extreme struggle with depression. Every year there are many souls that are silent victims of mental illness, it is the internal struggle that they must deal with everyday. Doctors can heal us from bodily and physical illness and injury, but it is God that can give us complete healing of mind, body and soul.

I finished Lesson 6… Praise the Lord !

As a Mission Aspirant we are encouraged to meditate and write on the Lesson 6: Meditation Guide, after each Mission Aspirant has accomplished their meditation on Lesson 6, they will be commended for commissioning to the Second Stage of Mission as ‘Aspirant Facilitator’ on Lesson 6.
To All Mission Aspirants, we encourage you all to do the same! Start writing, keep writing, leave a legacy… in the meantime I hope this helps to motivate you!
Read one of our most recent Mission Aspirants who recently completed their lesson.

Listen with the Ear of your Heart

Early this August the Family Cenacle Group had another Healing Retreat.
Read the experience of one of our Family Cenacle Members during their time at the retreat.
Through time we all carry some sort of “old injury”, may it be physical or emotional. Through the healing retreat you can learn more about yourself, the healing that you need and how God can walk you through to recovery.
To learn more about the next Healing retreat feel free to contact us!

Tuesday Testimonials: “It has to happen”

Often times we continue to serve God thinking that by being “religious” we have done our duty by him. We go to church, pray the rosary, pray novenas, participate in prayer communities and volunteer our time. Perhaps like today’s Author, we are even an influential figure within our own parish and communities… but I want to ask, do you really think that all this is enough?
Today’s story shows that God calls us to level up in our spirituality! For being religious is not complete if we are not in union with God through Divine Indwelling.