The Seed, Planted Within

I dedicate this song to all Lord’s Leaven Missionaries. We may plant the Love of God today, through the legacy that God has revealed to us during our life time on earth. We may not see the fruit during our time, but in the future, it will grow as an orchard, and many will taste its fruits. For the fruit itself is the ever lasting Love of the Holy Trinity.

Seeing God through practical experiences and nature

Hope you enjoy! Our blog writer for today encourages us to give our 100% to God.
Through his own passions and interest he has found a way to continue to find God’s expression in all creation and share his Divine Indwelling with people.
Which leads me to think.. what am I 100% passionate about? And how can I use this passion to express my love to God.

Divine Indwelling as a Tax Planner

A funny and interesting read, today’s story is a great example of a life lived in divine indwelling.
Often times we try to take matters in our own hands, but what Divine Indwelling allows is the opportunity to consult God in all aspects of of our lives.
Unsure about money? Ask God. Unsure about your relationships? Ask God! Unsure about anything? Ask God! All we need to do is give him the opportunity to work through us, give him time, patience and Trust in Him.. for his ways are always the best ways.
God is unlimited, after all he is our creator! Because he is within us, we can also be unlimited… All we need to do is be the vehicle for his great power.