The Dream of Christmas: The greatest gift of all

A gift, a card, a wish on Christmas Day may indeed be noble… but nobler and more blessed still is to let you know that you are in our mind, our heart
and our prayers EVERY DAY of the year… We love you.For this reason, may we share this message to everyone of you, our loved ones. – Love Bro. Joe-Choly Rona and Family

Pilgrimage to the Holy Door of Mercy – Reflection

The year of mercy is nearly at its end, only a few more months!

For those of you that do not know, there are designated doors of mercy in all cities.

There is an opportunity to do a pilgrimage and each designated door of mercy churches will have it’s pilgrimage program. It is a great spiritual journey that will allow you to reflect and deepen your spirituality.

Read our experience on the Door of Mercy in Hong Kong.