Family Cenacles Upcoming Events 2020

Be excited! Be prepared! Be involved! Take a moment and watch this video on what God has installed for our community in this new year 2020. Let us all all take inspiration on St Teresa of Calcutta’s advices, ‘There is always the danger that we may just do the work for the sake of theContinue reading “Family Cenacles Upcoming Events 2020”

The Year that was… 2019

Take a look at the year that was 2019 for the Family Cenacle Groups Australia. Our community has come a long way, from our humble beginning back in the mid 1990’s the Family Cenacle was started by a small group of Filipinos praying together at Penshurst NSW now in 2019, there are 28 family cenacleContinue reading “The Year that was… 2019”

My Biggest Day into My new Spiritual journey

An inspiring read about Aiza’s spiritual journey and the reason why she became a Catholic.
Through her sharing you will learn about the ‘The Blue Book’ aka The Marian Movement of Priests an instrumental book for Family Cenacle Groups. Aiza’s story is one of the many examples of how Mary intercedes in our lives and invites us to be one with God.

How the Cenacle of Our Lady started

The title says it all, read about how it all started and the first Cenacle group formed. It all began with an invitation from our Mother Mary to pray with her.
For those of you who have heard the calling to pray, we invite you on behalf of Mother Mary to join us in prayer as one Cenacle Family.
Contact us for more details on how to start your own Cenacle prayer group and begin your spiritual journey.

As their journey unfolds… Valenzuela Group

Time to start getting to know our members! Today we would like to introduce you to the Valenzuela Group in the Philippines, a recently consecrated Family Cenacle Group in the Philippines.
The Family Cenacle Group being a part of the Lord’s Leaven Mission Society consists of a community of prayer groups.
Each Cenacle group is unique through the experiences they share and there is something to learn from each of them.
Come and read their journey so far..

July Activities: The Greatest Gifts of All

Friday, 29th July was a significant & memorable event for Aiza Cardano from the Narwee Family Cenacle Group and Mary Phan soon to be daughter-in-law of Rochelle Sebastian from the Angels of Peace Family Cenacle Group, as they both received THE GREATEST GIFTS from GOD.  Aiza and Mary were baptised to be Catholic last Friday.Continue reading “July Activities: The Greatest Gifts of All”