Mondays With Mother Mary Standing By You.. Always

A beautiful reflection of Mary our mother and the significant role she plays in our lives. For some, Mary is not someone to be recognized with such high regard. For thousands of years she has come under attack from opinions of those leaning on their own understanding, instead of listening to the spirit dwelling within them they refuse to recognize our loving mother. But what has she done to ever deserve such treatment?
Regardless of this, today’s reflection wants us to focus on “why” Mary is important. No matter what we think of her she is always standing beside us.
She loves us like any Mother would love a child, cries for us when we are in sorrow and prays for us when no one else will and she does all this without praise and recognition. All she wants is for us to find peace, joy, contentment and love through our Triune God dwelling within our hearts.
So whatever you think of her, think at least about how much she loves you and what she is doing for you. A love unrequited is painful and sad and if you felt her pain perhaps you would turn to her too.

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