Its All About Me by Rhona Alforte

Sis Rhona Alforte’s personal reflection:

Two weeks ago my son and I watched a movie called The Lego Ninjago Movie. Its about a young boy named Lloyd, along with his four best friends (Kai, Jay, Nya & Zane) who were secret ninjas protecting their hometown Ninjago City from the evil Lord Garmadon. Lloyd has been a social outcast in their city because his Dad is the evil Lord Garmadon who left him when he was a little baby. The movie focused more on the character of Lloyd and how he despised his father for being evil and ruining their city. When he got a chance to spend time with his Dad, he realised that his father is also a great warior and his mother was once a ninja herself who chose to give up being a warrior after having him. Her decision to leave the warrior life caused the anger and pain on his Dad, thus causing him to be so evil.

Lloyd and his friends went off to the most dangerous forest to look for the ultimate, ultimate weapon which can stop Lord Garmadon from ruining their city. When they got there, Lloyd’s friends discovered their individual special powers – Kai was Fire, Jay was Lightning, Nya was Water and Zane was Ice. Lloyd couldn’t figure out what his special power was. He was just assigned the colour green. It was when they were in great danger, when Lloyd realised that his special power was the power to combine all these powers in one! He had it in him to inspire his friends to keep going and fight to survive..

Towards the end of the movie, their Sensei told Lloyd that the greatest power one can ever have is to realise one’s power within and it is even a greater power when you help others discover that power within themselves also.

This movie reminds me of my journey in life. Not knowing the powers that I have within me and comparing myself to others whom I see as powerful and seemed to have it all. There were many occassions in the past where I questioned God, “Why do they get to have that and why cant I have that as well?”, “Why am I like this and not like that?”, “Why does this have to happen to me?”, “Why this and why that?”…

Took me 37 years to realise that life is all about me and my response to whatever situation or circumstance that God throws my way. Do I react with anger and regret or do I accept it as a challenge for me to be a better person? Life is about being grateful for what I have, not looking for what is lacking or what I don’t have, but rather counting the many unseen blessings and being thankful for them! My life is not perfect, but to know that the God who created me is perfect and is dwelling within me, gives me hope and security that there is a source of power, much greater than any power, that I am connected to.. and that is our God!

My ultimate, ultimate weapon is the love of God which I continue to receive each day. His love that is manifested in every single person in my life and everything that surrounds me. His love that is endless and merciful, full of compassion and understanding. His love which surpasses all the pain, hurt, loneliness and brokenness. His love which is the source of my being! This is my greatest discovery in life and the most priceless treasure found in my journey… And as I continue from here onwards, I pray that the same love which I have received, I may be able to share with others and help them also discover the same power of love within them.

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  1. Such a wonderful sharing of Gods love and mercy! The power from within is the key that keep us going whatever situations we are in. Continue sharing your personal walk through with the mission. God bless, Sis Eve of California

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