Lesson 6 Divine Indwelling Set 4 Part 1 of 2

Have you ever felt that no matter what we do, no matter how much money or possession we have, we seem to be lacking something? We feel that there’s a void within us that cannot be filled by anything that we own or by anyone…

In Set 4, we discover how the sacrament of Baptism is not only God’s way of accepting us as His adopted children but also reveals to us that the sacrament of Baptism is the way to the key….

Read Sis Zsa Halili’s meditations on Set 4 of Lesson 6 Divine Indwelling. She shares with us her profound witnessing of how God revealed to her His wisdom and knowledge.

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Set 4 Lesson:

It is simply for man to be with God, and God will release whatever is good for man. God may only release to man whatever good God may share only according to the measure that man is united with his God. Hence it is extremely important for man to grow in union with God forever.

There are several reasons why people cannot see the wisdom and knowledge of God. Some of the basic causes are ignorance, concupiscence, sin, distractions of the world, and pride of life. 

Since we do not know how to be with God, God promised to give to us His Holy Spirit who will stay within us to teach us all that God wants us to know and to lead us into all the truths.

“The Father will give you another Advocate who will be with you forever…. You know him because he is with you and is in you.” (Jn 24:16-17)

“When the Spirit comes…. He will lead you into all the truths. The Spirit will take what I give him and tell it to you.” (Jn 16:13,15)

If the Divine Indwelling is the key, then every Christian must be taught this and how to use the key. This is the reason for the mission: to tell everyone, especially the Christians, the Good News that they have already what they are looking for: “all the treasures of God’s wisdom and knowledge.”

Mission Aspirant for Lesson 6 – Set 4 Part 1: Zarene Halili

Key Commentators:

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Set 4

16. Why is it that many people cannot see the wisdom and knowledge of God? 

There are several reasons why people cannot see the wisdom and knowledge of God. Some of the basic causes are ignorance, concupiscence, sin, distractions of the world, and pride of life.

Zsa’s reflection: 

Before Divine Indwelling I couldn’t recognize the world for what it was God’s true expression of himself through each and every one of us and his creation. Because of pride, ignorance and the new age thinking of “I can do anything if I set my mind to it” I lacked the vision to understand that God instills his wisdom in 100% of our lives. He is already giving us the knowledge and wisdom through creation, nature, people, etc.. But we fail to recognize that he is talking to us, and he is talking to us through everything – externally through the world but we need to listen to him internally in spirit.

Terri’s reflection: 

The realization through DI is an amazing breakthrough in our lives Zsa, and imagine living the rest of our earthly life with this gem I would like to say is the most amazing, for the lack of words,  that happened to me as a human being and as a child of such a loving GOD. 

Continuation of Zsa’s reflection…

I failed to recognize God’s wisdom and knowledge because I failed to understand that my “abundant life” was not given to myself, I didn’t “earn” it myself – it is there because he allowed for it. All things come from God and not ourselves, I was enjoying all that God had given me – friends, relationships, the appreciation for nature, travel, pets but because of ignorance I was unable to see there was wisdom and knowledge to be gained in all that he was giving me and that is why he was giving them to me.

More importantly I failed to recognize his wisdom because I understood them to be my own wisdom, my own intelligence, my own thoughts. But I praise God for allowing me to recognize humility even for a small second, he opened up my eyes and I now understand that I do not own anything, not even my own thoughts and inspirations are mine; the wisdom, knowledge, thoughts and inspirations that come to me are not born from me, they are God’s. He has merely been talking to me all this time, sharing with me and teaching me.

Terri’s reflection: 

Zsa, that small millimeter of humility paved our way to be with Him in a very unique and personal way – one that we can truly own up to as His child.. the bliss of this truth that has now been embedded in our hearts where He reigns begins the most beautiful journey in our lives,  and possibly the most significant if not the only relationship we will really ever need! 

Bro Joe’s reflection:

Reading your thoughts make me want to embrace all of you with all the love that God has given us with.

Continuation of Zsa’s reflection…

I could hear his wisdom but recognized them as my own because I was too blind with pride and ignorance to see Him and hear him. How proud we are to think that all our thoughts come from ourselves alone, I wasn’t able to see this because I was stuck in mind, in my own “knowledge”, but if I keep searching with my mind alone.. my “brain”.. I recognize it is limited and there are a lot of unknowns, a lot of “why’s?”. That is why I always struggle and waste my time, in conflict with my thoughts.

By searching through my heart I now recognize that I allow for my mind to listen to God and recognize that he is teaching me. The thoughts that come from nowhere, thoughts that appear as if they are from thin air.. These are God’s words speaking to me in my heart for my limited mind to understand. –

Terri’s reflection: 

The grace the Triune GOD has allowed for all of these to happen to you and me Zsa..  the way this truth leads me constantly with the faith and hope that He allows them all now and not even for me to worry anymore…  

Rhona’s reflection: 

Jesus lived on earth 2016 years ago and He has spoken of DI to His disciples before He left them. Read John 14 on the bible. Even before Christ was born, the world is already troubled. People have forgotten about God, His Laws, His covenant and His promises. He has sent numerous prophets to ask people to repent and turn back to Him. But not everyone listened and believed. Christ came to this world out of God’s love and mercy towards us. God wants us all to be saved and be united with Him and it was Jesus who became our way to the Father. Jesus taught his disciples everything He knows about our God and through the works of the Holy Spirit among the disciples that Jesus left behind, their Faith was passed on from generations to generations until today. The problem is that since it was 2016 years ago, many people today seemed to have forgotten or have chosen to ignore the truths that were revealed by Jesus to His disciples about our God. We seemed to be more occupied with worldy things, worldy thoughts and desires. We were taught how to be independent and self sufficient, and that money can buy anything!   We were born and immersed in worldly standards. Therefore our thoughts and desires were formed based on worldly influences surrounding us and that is how we become lost, confused, full of pride, greed and selfishness. However, it may have been 2016 years ago and more, but it is still the same God who created this world and everyone in it, who keeps calling us back ‘home’.. who keeps finding ways to get us back ‘home’.. And since we have heard Him calling today and have found our way back to Him, it is our utmost duty now (like the disciples back then) to keep the faith alive and to spread the way how each person can live life to the fullest through Divine Indwelling.  

Lei’s reflection:

After reading Set 4 of this lesson, from that point on is when I truly appreciate the privilege of being a Christian and the true meaning of the sacraments and praying the rosary. Before, praying the rosary, going to mass, professing my sins to a priest through confession was all just an act that didn’t have a profound and personal meaning or importance to me. All of this was because I was brought up to become religious. Of course, my grandparents wanted to instil this in me and I am very grateful for it however, my personal relationship with God didn’t develop from just being religious. Most importantly through Divine Indwelling this is where God showed me that everything that He created, everything around us and every moment of our life is His gift to us. Seldom do we cherish and appreciate the not so good things in life because we think when something bad happens to us, we think that it is God punishing us or God doesn’t love us.  When we ought to know that good or bad that happens it is God that commands it. We should always be gracious no matter what our circumstances are, and it is only through having a personal relationship with God that we can become gracious.

17.Since we do not know how to be with God, what did God do?

Since we do not know how to be with God, God promised to give to us His Holy Spirit who will stay within us to teach us all that God wants us to know and to lead us into all the truths.

“The Father will give you another Advocate who will be with you forever…. You know him because he is with you and is in you.” (Jn 24:16-17)

“When the Spirit comes…. He will lead you into all the truths. The Spirit will take what I give him and tell it to you.” (Jn 16:13,15)

Zsa’s Reflection: 

In the bible the disciples followed Jesus everywhere just so that they could learn from him, Jesus “their rabbi” was so inspiring that when he said follow me they left everything behind to follow him to learn from him… AMEN!!! Now that he has died for us on the cross and resurrected all we need to do is look within us and listen, it’s so easy! Just DI! –Praise be to GOD for this reflection Zsa,  this is the whole epitomy of our faith.. the CROSS !  (Teri’s reflection)

In this world everyone is searching for meaning in their lives in everything, some find enlightenment through yoga and meditation, some people travel to “find themselves”, some people read self help books, put motivational quotes on their facebook pages, etc for those that are “religious” they pray – a billion verbal prayers and novenas, follow and listen to get enlightenment from priests, lay speakers, etc by nature we are always searching for some sort of guidance, for something or someone to impart wisdom in us…

But to understand that God gives us the Holy Spirit dwelling in our hearts is truly humbling… how privileged and lucky we are, everyday of our lives we have him walking beside us, imparting his unlimited wisdom in us.. There is no need to go through so much trouble to find “spiritual enlightenment”… to find true wisdom, he is already there speaking to us, we just need to recognize him and listen… to understand that the Holy Spirit dwells in us means that we should not discount our own selves either, God also teaches us and imparts the kingdom of God in us, hence we also need to share this with the world.

Rhona’s reflection:

We are truly blessed to have been called each by our name into this mission. Knowing about DI is certainly a great privilege and it is the most important lesson I have learnt in my life! I believe that everyone in this journey has a role to play as new disciples in the 21st century! God is counting on us to let others know about the key to fullness of life with Him and we have all been chosen to take part in this journey and help others get on the same boat also! Through our continuous exercise of DI and WT, God is molding us, strengthening us, preparing us all for the journey ahead so that when we reach our final destination we may be all worthy to be with God in His eternal kingdom! 

Bro Joe’s reflection:

Since 50 years ago that the Lord allowed me to see within me and told me to look for Him in the hearts of others and to tell everyone that He loves us all and that He is in all, my life has had only one direction: to go in silence within myself and be with Him and to help others find the same peace and love that only God can give from within our soul. As I have been telling you: there is a lot that God wants to reveal to us. And all He asks of us is to be with Him in us and to listen to Him in our sharing and walking through our lives. How wonderful it is to be in heaven on earth! Let us continue sharing our lives to all. Our Lives are God’s own life too.

Lei’s reflection:

Through God’s own breath, his ‘Rua’, it is His own life that He gave to us… What He gave to us is something personal.. Through the Holy Spirit He wants to make sure that He is always with us because we are His most precious creation… 

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18. What are we to do with this key?

19. What are we to do then so that His graces of wisdom, knowledge and all spiritual blessings can flow from within us?

20. What has Divine Indwelling got to do with our temporal need? 

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