This week we continue to share Sis Aiza Cardano’s reflections on Set 3 of Lesson 6.

In this lesson, we started to discover the key to the treasures of God’s wisdom and knowledge, what is this key that we need to learn & understand?

Read Sis Aiza’s personal experiences in finding the key that reveals Gods wisdom & knowledge.

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Mission Aspirant for Lesson 6 – Set 3: Aiza Cardano

Key Commentators:

Bro Josefino Rona: Red Text

Sis Tess: Blue Text

Sis Terri: Purple Text

Sis Lei Halili: Pink Text

Sis Rhona: Orange Text

Set 3: DIVINE INDWELLING – KEY TO ALL THE TREASURES OF GOD’S WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGEWhere is all the treasures of God’s wisdom and knowledge hidden?

14. All the treasures of God’s wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Jesus Who by His Holy Spirit dwells in the depths of the heart of each person baptized. This is how precious each baptized is.

Sis Aiza’s Reflection:

No matter what I am in the past my baptism is a mark of how Jesus has changed me. What other say before “my spirit is willing but the body is weak”. But through DI and baptism my body, spirit and soul helping each other to grow me more to earn wisdom and knowledge. I’m happy that I was baptized I knew all the angels in heaven are singing that day. I’m not just baptized with water by Father John but God baptized me with the Holy Spirit.

 Bro Joe’s reflection:

Beautiful realization, Sis. Aiza. Since the day of Baptism God, Father Son and Holy Spirit are now dwelling in spirit within your soul. We renew this truth every time we do DI and when we renew His Presence in every Holy Communion that we receive.

Sis Lei’s reflection:

You are very blessed because God’s grace of the Sacrament of Baptism were given to you by God at a time where you are learning about God through attending seminars and retreats. You have been made aware of the grace that you receive on that day, you had the opportunity to praise Him, thank Him and to worship Him.

The best gift that you could ever receive is God’s indwelling presence within you. It means that He doesn’t want to part ways with you. He wants us to enjoy the ‘life’ that we ought to live that He has planned for us.

AMEN Sis Lei!

Sis. Rhona’s reflection:

We are all travellers here on earth and heading towards our ultimate destination, which is to be with our loving God for eternity. Being baptised means God has claimed us to be His children and He dwells in the deepest centre of our souls waiting for us to meet Him there each time we exercise DI in our daily lives. He is within us to guide us in our journey of life and to sustain us throughout our travel.. we simply just have to keep going back to Him, doing DI and sharing within our Walk Through teams about our experiences and learnings along the way.

Tita Tess’ Reflections

Sa ating paglalakbay ay maraming darating na sagabal. Ito ay kagagawan ng kalaban at ipinahihintulot naman n gating Ama. Paano natin malalaman na malalim at matatag na an gating pananampalataya kundi tayo susubukan? Mamahalin lang ba natin siya kapag palaging masaya ang sitwasyon? I have just realized it few years ago that it is only God could bring us joy so as sadness. Life is balancing at ganun ang Diyos tuturuan niya tayong maging maayos ang takbo n gating pang araw araw na pamumuhay. Palagi lang nating isasaisip at isasapuso na hindi niya tayo iiwan.

Tayo ang palaging nag iiwan….

  1. Please explain “The Divine Indwelling is the key that opens up all the treasures of God’s wisdom and knowledge.”

DI and Walk through are therefore important in order to form the habit of being always in the Presence of God and be united with him. Being mindful of the Presence of God within and to remain united with God evoke the light of God from within. This light of God is what God uses to enlighten us, to give us peace, to inspire us and to guide us every moment of our lives in our journey through life.

One who is truly one with God can never grow hungry, because God will give him the grace to see the endless potential of God’s abiding graces from the things of Creation. Just to think of it: one seed, planted and nurtured with love and care, yields a hundred seeds. A hundred seeds yields a thousand seeds. And a thousand seeds yields a million seeds

Sis Aiza’s Reflection:

This parable means a lot. The seed represents the person. But for me not all seeds will grow. But the seed that is nurtured with love and care will yield a hundred seeds. There are people who hear the word but do not care for it. They just let the word rest instead of integrating into their lives. Sometimes they are remain the same seed, just waiting what will happen to their life. No changes at all. Those people hear the gospel but don’t cultivate it through acceptance and appropriate action in lifestyle. “Walang pagbabago” ganun pa rin ang behaviour. No Godly wisdom grows within their hearts.

I used to call myself that kind of seed. I know Divine Indwelling. I’ve attended seminars and retreats. I learned much about the teaching of the word of God. I go to church every Sunday but I can’t call myself a Saint. I’m still not perfect. I lose my temper all the time . Before when my friends tell me, “Aiza Lets go to the city this Sunday”? and I just replied to them, “hindi pwede kasi meron kaming cenacle” and they said, “wow ikaw na pupunta sa langit, baka maging Santo ka nyan.” Before parang akong nasasaktan kapag naririnig ko pero deep inside I feel guilty kasi Alam ko hindi naman ako religious. But now I’ve changed; once they told me that, I just smiled at them as if nothing happened. I know I am not perfect, I used to call them thorns and weeds beside the seed. Sometimes I fell among thorns so I couldn’t grow fast. I am still a young believer still developing; but there are so many worries and destruction of Earth that prevent me from developing properly. But since I follow the proper way of connecting with God through Divine Indwelling I learned to avoid those worries in life. I just follow what is the right thing. However, I can’t imagine that the one who used to call me Saint joined me in our cenacle day. But I can’t believe myself that I can teach and share some word of God now to others. He learned that day about the importance of silence and share to our co workers. Im happy because I know once I cultivate the message of God to me, the Lord will indeed multiply good things in my life. Like the movie that I’ve watched before our walkthrough.


Like Clavius a harsh Roman Tribune whom many feared. Working under the noto-rious Pontius Pilate, Clavius leads legions of Roman soldiers on a daily basis, from the battlefield to the city streets. Clavius is a very smart, skilled tribune who appears to have control over nearly every situation he faces. However, his world is turned upside down as he encounters the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Clavius is shaken by this experience, and after the body of Christ “disappears,” he is ordered by Pilate to find His body, whether He be dead or alive. But little does Clavius know that this manhunt will turn into a spiritual journey that will not only change his life, He joined with the disciples to meet Jesus in Galilee even if he don’t believe in him. While in their journey the disciples decided to go fishing. They tried many times until morning but they didn’t catch any single fish. But Jesus said? Any luck? Try to throw the net on the other side. The disciples followed Jesus to cast again there nets. Suddenly they caught a lot of fish. Simon taught that once you believe in him he will gave you what you need. Just have faith. Clavius used to ask Simon, “ how do you know Jesus will Rise?” Simon said that Jesus said he would rise; but the truth is we doubted him. And then Clavius witnessed how Jesus healed the leper, Jesus touch and hug the leper and ask Jesus “why are you touching me, nobody wants to touch me” Im sick. But Jesus only ask him one question Do you believe in me? Do you have faith? Then suddenly he healed the leper. Clavuis witnessed all Jesus miracles but till doubted him. At that night when Simon ask Jesus come near me, “Do you believe in me Simon? Do you love me? Simon replied “with all my heart.” Then Jesus said to him “you must feed My sheep.” When all the disciple are sleeping, Clavius sit beside Jesus and said “ Jesus I don’t even know what to ask? Jesus said Just speak your heart, “reconcile all this with the world I know said Clavius.” With your eyes you have seen, still you doubt? Imagine the doubt who never seen, imagine what they face? What frightens you? What is it that you seek? Jesus asked him. Clavius said “Being wrong and I’m seeking for peace in my heart.” Sudddenly Clavius cried and start praising Jesus. Before Jesus left, He said “I’m going to prepare a place for you all. Go and preach the whole world of the Gospel, You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and to the end of the world. And know that I’ll be with you always. Its not just about life eternal but how life is lived”

After watching this Its not just about believing him’ He wants us to preach and share the good news and all his doings. We should have the courage to remember him always because he will guide and help us because God is in our heart. Now I know what I’m seeking for, I want peace in my heart and eternal life with Jesus my God.

Sis Lei’s reflection:

He said “I’m going to prepare a place for you all. Go and preach the whole world of the Gospel, You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and to the end of the world. And know that I’ll be with you always. It’s not just about life eternal but how life is lived”

 This is a very intense and deep message by God, it is also a personal message to us if we know what Jesus is referring to. We are either IN or OUT with the Lord, let us continue to develop our relationship with God. If we are serious and with our complete surrender to God, He promises that He will prepare the way for us. You reap what you sow, so if you plant good seeds then you will bear good fruits. Sa ating journey maging focus muna tayo kay Lord tapos God himself will show us the way on how we can preach the Gospel. Ang buhay natin ang pinaka magandang ‘gospel’ that we can preach to others. There are no effective ‘proof’ or ‘evidence’ on how God’s love unfolds within us than our own personal experiences with God. We are the apostles of our time.

Through DI and WT, we have opened up the way for the Spirit of God to take over our soul and mind, this message becomes personal to us through the exercise of DI & WT’s.

Through our Walk Throughs madami akong natutunan not only as knowledge but also I can apply this in my life., God continues to keep the gate open for me para lagi ko makita yung manifestation ng grasya ni Lord pero ang pinaka important is our constant union with God through deep contemplation of God. Para sa akin that is what I need to ‘master’. Eventually ang lahat ng bagay na nangyayari sa atin will be a constant union with God, wala ng iba kahit lahat ng nangyayari sa atin at lahat ng gagawin natin connected or nsync na kay Lord.

Napaka ganda ng sinabi ni Lord na He will prepare a way for us, it’s a promise from Him. God will never lie nor will He forsake us, kailangan lang talaga natin makipag cooperate kay God. J

Sis Rhona’s reflection:

God has planted a seed in our heart — our spirit! And it is our duty to nourish our spirit by being in constant union with God through DI. By being connected to our God, He alone will show us the way, He alone will provide for our needs, He alone will strengthen us and use us according to His will. But God has given us freedom and choices in life. Either we choose to be with Him or without Him, He will always be there for us!

I pray that you will choose to always be with Him Aiza! Temptations may come and distract you, but I pray that you will know where to go and who to ask for help in moments of trials & sufferings. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow. Today has enough trouble of its own.” (Mt 6:33-34)

 Continue to deepen your faith and relationship with our God by practicing DI more often and continue to join our Walkthrough so that you will have a place to process all the wisdom and knowledge that you have gained in your journey, and where others can learn from your experience too! Many souls are waiting for God’s love, many are lost and do not know the way, I pray that when an opportunity comes your way, be that light for that person, be that Christ living in you!

Sis Terri’s reflection:

Sis Aiza, thank you for sharing your precious reflections!

As a very special child of God we inherited his unlimited kingdom waiting for us to bask to, nurture and share to our love ones and our community – live & love life that way God intended through being obedient to His will, surrendering to His ever faithful and magnanimous love and mercy and through it all we will be OK! Kung magkamali man tayo alam na natin paano babalik.. Lagi lang SIYANG naghihintay para buksan natin ang puso natin sa KANYA where He would always, ALWAYS want to be! Everything else is just 2nd class – kay Lord lang tayo makakaramdam nang First Class at High end na “pamumuhay” as long as Siya ang ating isasabuhay, AMEN!

Join us next week as we share another walk through members meditations on Set 4. Watch for this space!! 

God bless and Praise the Lord!

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