Lesson 6 Divine Indwelling Set 2 Part 1 of 2

Join us as we continue to share fellow walk throughers reflections on Lesson 6 Divine Indwelling. This week we share Sis Cathy De Leon’s reflections on Set 2 of Lesson 6.

Set 2 of Lesson 6 is about Our Lady’s Message on Divine Indwelling, how can we overcome crisis and negativities in our lives through Divine Indwelling? Through Mother Mary’s own message she gives us the reassurance to focus ourselves on the presence of God within us… Read Sis Cathy’s reflection on her own discovery of Divine Indwelling in her life through cenacle and Our Lady’s message

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Mission Aspirant for Lesson 6 – Set 2: Cathy De Leon

Key Commentators:

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Set 2: Our Lady’s Message

6. How do we treat the negative things that are troubling mankind today?

It is very important to note that in our campaign for peace, in “our war against war itself and all other problems pointed out in the Third Secret of Fatima,” we do not delve on the negatives, although we look into these to see the context of our Spiritual Battle. We rather concentrate on the ULTIMATE SOLUTION to all these problems.

Cathy’s Reflection:

In our daily lives, we encounter different scenarios and events that sometimes tough to handle. For me, I hardly control my anger when negative things happened. I made a terrible move abruptly without thinking of the outcome, that most of the time I hurt the feelings of others. I can’t handle negativity in proper way. But not until I accept the fact that negativity will pull you down. A big thanks to my Cenacle family. I should not entertain any negativities but be optimistic always. Prayer through Divine Indwelling is the best weapon to avoid such negativities. Feel and think positive. Surround yourselves with the people who will help and enlighten you to the right path. I believe that the more you are closer to God the more Satan works to get you away. But be still. Your endurance and faith will keep you united to God.

Sis Lei’s reflection:

This is a very nice reflection Ate Cathy. I agree with what you said to surround ourselves with people that will be of positive support to us most especially, we must always hold on to Mama Mary and Jesus in all aspects of our lives. Also mind over matter, sometimes our minds goes 1000 miles per hour when nothing has happened yet. The Lord said, ‘cease the moment’ leave yesterday behind and do not worry about tomorrow.


Sis Terri’s reflection:

Praise the Lord God for the grace bestowed on us and our community Sis Kathy! There is indeed no other way to be had eternal peace and contentment (Wala ka nang hahanapin pa (**english translation: you’ll want nothing else) other than through fulfilling our true nature – which is God dwelling in each and everyone of us baptized!

My daily prayer sis Kathy is that we all be steadfast and faithful in our journey and that the opportunity of sharing and evangelizing our renewed faith through DI and the Walk Through would always be alive in us!


Sis Tess’ Reflections

It is a continuous battle while we’re still here on earth. Negativities can ruin our “being” if we do not know the secret. We could be either become paranoid or scrupulous. With the Divine Indwelling, negativity sometimes help us to be aware that God is calling us for any situations or occasions instead of looking at it as wrong. Until we get the habit of not to dwell into negatives anymore.


Sis Rhona’s reflection:

I used to think as well that if you are closer to God, the more suffering you will encounter in your life and the more you will be tested. However, what I have come to realize after practicing DI is that if you are closer to God or in union with Him, you are a lot stronger in overcoming your trials, temptations and sufferings. You are stronger & able to face it because you are connected to the one true source of our life!

A person with a deep relationship with God and knows how to connect himself with God through DI is guaranteed to be a lot stronger, wiser and able to get through all things life may throw at them! Therefore our task is to develop our relationship with Him and continue to do DI so that we may continue to grow in our faith & deepen our wisdom & knowledge of our Triune God!

I want to share with you a text message I received today from a friend which goes:
Why the apostles sacrificed so much to follow Jesus:

That’s because the closer we grow to the Lord, the more we want to surrender. And the more we surrender, the more we grow. It’s like a divine exchange: God gives us grace, and we grow. Then we surrender our time or our priorities—and we grow more. And God gives us even more grace!

I pray Sis Cathy that now that you have surrendered to God, may you grow in His knowledge and wisdom and continue to receive even more graces as you surrender more to Him!


Bro Joe’s reflection:

The way to fight anything negative that comes to our mind that puts pressure on us is NOT TO MIND THEM BUT IMMEDIATELY EXHALE AND LOOK AND SURRENDER TO GOD PRESENT WITHIN. Just like the Hebrews in the desert, Moses gave them instruction while they were bitten by the snakes NOT TO LOOK AT THE SNAKES BUT ON THE SERPENT ON THE CROSS. That is the same with us. As soon as we notice any negative that comes to our mind, we immediately exhale through our lips and look at the Lord within us.

7. In the midst of all the troubles and crises that happen, what did Our Lady of Fatima say that gives us hope?

In the midst of all the problems in the world today, Our Lady promised that “IN THE END MY IMMACULATE HEART WILL TRIUMPH.”

Cathy’s Reflection:

This is very significant for me and really struck straight to my heart. Mama Mary gave me hope and she’s the one who helped and pushed me to be with God and to understand that God dwells in my heart. Mama Mary never ceases to amaze me especially after the retreat, that was my break through. I had a vision with Our Lady of Fatima when I was having a conversation with my husband and the topic was giving time to God to praise and thank Him for everything and to do that, I need to give up my Sunday job. And I realised that Satan made Sunday as double pay to keep people away from God. And in that very moment I saw Mama Mary in a cloud form, luminous white colour in the sky. I was in shocked and in awe when I realised that Mama Mary was so happy in my decision. From that experience, I know Her Immaculate Heart will triumph. She never stopped pushing and leading me to eternal life and giving me chance to live in paradise with Father, Son and Holy Spirit dwells in the innermost of my heart and with the intercession of my Mother Mary.

Sis Lei’s reflection:

How great it is to see that you are truly embracing Mama Mary’s manifestations to you as a sign for you and your family to follow God. If it wasn’t for Mama Mary introducing you to Cenacle then there wouldn’t be the retreat then there wouldn’t be Divine Indwelling and there wouldn’t be that complete hope and trust with the Lord.


Sis Terri’s reflection:

Amen! I will never forget your sharing sis Kathy and how your tears flowed as you spoke about this breakthrough for you and your family! Truly amazing is our God! Truly amazing is our great Intercessor, Mother Mary always battling for us to remain in the love and care of her Son, Jesus Christ!


Sis Tess’ Reflections

You and your family has been an apple of the eye of our Mother Mary. You are being called and moulded to preach His Son’s good news!!!


Sis Rhona’s reflection:

A mother will always lead her child to what is good and where it is better! A mother will ease the pain of her child and soothe their pains. Since Mother Mary is our Heavenly Mother, we rest knowing that we have a heavenly mother who will always be there for her children, walking with them, guiding them and soothing their pains! We may not notice it, but she’s always there with you every single time! Even if we do not see her or acknowledge her intercessions, she’s always there praying for her children and never ceasing to pray for us.

8. What is this “Triumph” that Our Lady is talking about?

This “Triumph” that Our Lady is talking about is nothing else but the Triumph of Jesus when He said, “The world will make you suffer. But be brave; for I have already conquered the world. you will have peace by being united to me.” (Jn 16:33)

Cathy’s reflection:

My heart skipped when I read this message. “The world will make you suffer. But be brave; for I have already conquered the world. you will have peace by being united to me.” (Jn 16:33) This is now the promise that I need to hold on to and believe that I live in peace by being united to God. I used to live with burdens, worries, anxieties, uncertainties and frustrations. I tried harder to live in a peaceful life despite all the struggles that pulled me down to the extent that I almost forgot that God is all I need. I am so grateful that despite of being hard headed, God continue to love me and just waited for me to come and reunite to Him. Mother Mary intercedes with the comeback. Thanks to Halili family for being there to guide me in my journey to God. I can connect this in the Holy Gospel when I attended the Holy Mass last Sunday. The Holy Gospel says “Your endurance will win your life”. You will be hated by all men on account of my name, but not hair of your head will be lost”. And for me, as now part of Lord’s Leaven Society, I have the key which is Divine Indwelling. I can say that I surrender everything to God my mind, body and spirit for I have faith that God will never leave me nor forsake me because I am united to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Sis Lei’s reflection:

Alam mo Ate Cathy (*you know Ate Cathy), I commend you for being honest and open about yourself and who you were before Divine Indwelling.

Ganyan ang gagawin sa atin talaga ng Divine Indwelling (*this is truly what Divine Indwelling will do to us), Our Lord is not our judge or our assessor but we ourselves are the ones who will dislike our old self. Tayo na din ang magsasabi sa sarili natin, na ayaw ko na ng ganito ugali or pamumuhay. Ayaw ko na lagi ako malungkot or nagagalit. (*Eventually we will be the ones to identify in our ownselves negative attitudes or ways of life. That I no longer always want to be feel sad or angry).

Its well and good knowing that God is within us but if we don’t live out what we are praying or what we believe in then that’s foolishness. We will make it difficult for ourselves to be with God if we don’t take what we do into heart. (Bro Joe: – AMEN sis Lei!)

When we fully surrender to the will of God and we allow God to reign as sovereign in our hearts and we acknowledge Him as our pilot, director, author, doctor, teacher & composer of our life that is the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.


Sis Terri’s reflection:

Importante talaga na isabuhay natin ang ating FAITH – (*it is really important that we practice our faith) otherwise it is all head knowledge, words that our tongues speak – ayaw ko nang maging stale, lame at walang kabuluhan.. ayaw ko na nang masaktan o makasakit nang kapwa ko! Sa pang araw-araw kong buhay I just want to breath in and out God’s presence in me! (*I no longer want to be stale, lame or worthless.. I no longer want to be hurt or hurt others! In my day to day life I just want to breath in and out and feel God’s presence in me!).


Sis Rhona’s reflection:

God has already planted a seed in our heart on the day we were baptised. He gave Himself to us – dwelling in the deepest centre of our soul! He is simply waiting for us to discover this seed in our heart and allow us to nourish this seed so that it will continue to grow and bear ‘good’ fruits.


Bro Joe’s reflection:

To conquer our fears we just have to remember and be faithful to the thought that God is in us and humble ourselves to ask for His strength against all temptations. He promised in “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians (symbol of all our trials, sufferings and pains) you see today you will never seeagain. 14 The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” (Exodus 14:13-14)

Join us next week as we share part 2 of Set 2 Lesson 6 Divine Indwelling reflections:

9. Message of the Holy Father (Pope Benedict XVI) in his commentary on the Third Secret of Fatima

10. What is Our Lady asking of us?

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  1. … todays’ world poses so much opportunity to easily fall to sin. DI (Divine Indwelling) re-aligns us back to where we truly belong, and definitely not of this world. Praise be to the Triune God for all that has been done to equip us with our Faith being constantly rekindled to just be in unison with the loving Triune GOD! Praise be to God sis Cathy de Leon!

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