The Blue Broken Pot

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I have this blue broken pot for several years now.  I got it for free for buying the rest of the blue glazed pots in a garage sale.  Despite its brokenness, the pot never lost its purpose in my eyes. It was easy for me to throw it away and just concentrate working on the other perfect, blue glazed pots. However, I always have that special purpose to put nice succulent plants in that broken pot. And indeed,  together, the succulents planted in the blue broken pot turned into a master piece in the garden.  Perfect.  Just the way I envisioned it.
With time, the plant outgrown the broken pot. The plants turned ugly and revealed the ugliness of the pot.  This morning I started reworking the overgrown, damaged plants.  Again, the potential of the broken pot to nurture succulent plants and turn them into a beautiful masterpiece never ceases to amaze me. Once again, I planted my favorite succulent and excitedly wait to see them turn into a piece of artwork at the center of my garden.
Then it reminded me of God’s love.  I am the broken blue pot. But God always see the potential in me.  The potential that despite of my brokenness, at times sinfulness,  to nurture and take care of His chosen people and turn us into His masterpiece.  Today I pray that I would just stop asking why me?  Instead thank you Lord for choosing me, and use me as you please…


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