Lesson 6… Coming Soon!

Watch this Space as we introduce a new weekly featured story that will allow you to walkthrough with fellow members of Lords Leaven Mission Society and Family Cenacle Groups on their journey with Divine Indwelling.

For the next few weeks, we will be sharing with all of you a series of set meditations from Mission Aspirants. They are stories from everyday people who have come to experience the manifestation of God in their lives through Divine Indwelling.

What is Lord’s Leaven Mission Society & What is a Mission Aspirant?

Lord’s Leaven Mission Society aims to be a layman congregation. Within this congregation are Mission Aspirants; they are accountants, doctors, teachers and labourers coming from all walks of life.

  • they are anyone looking for meaning in their lives
  • they are those who feel lost and troubled
  • they are those going through conflict, trauma, family problems, financial problems
  • they are those that suffer from addiction, depression or trauma
  • they are those who feel an emptiness inside and those that know there must be more
  • they are those searching for happiness, searching for truth, searching for love
  • they are those looking for something new, something different
  • they are those looking for God in their lives and in their hearts
  • they are me… and you…
  • they are our Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Mission Aspirants are everyday people, walking through with God and living extraordinary lives through Divine Indwelling.

For each Mission Aspirant the deepening of the spirit starts with Divine Indwelling, walkthrough and a guided meditation Lesson Plan called “Lesson 6 Divine Indwelling; key to wisdom & knowledge of God & the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart”.

In Lord’s Leaven Mission Society the process of deepening this spiritual journey is called the Pastoral Management Institute (PMI); Missions Aspirants are encouraged to write their meditations & journals as our own life stories are what we will leave as our legacy.

The next coming weeks, we will share with you meditations derived from the set lessons of Mission Aspirants. The writings are experiential & comes from deep within their hearts; they are truly uplifting and eye opening.

Here we will share a portion of the legacy that they have started, we hope that you & other aspirants become encouraged to write but also through this we want you to also experience the joy, fulfilment & wonders of this DI journey. 

We hope you’re excited as we are!

God bless you.
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