The Dream of Christmas: The greatest gift of all

… a gift, a card, a wish

on Christmas Day may indeed be noble.

… but nobler and more blessed still

is to let you know

that you are in our mind, our heart

and our prayers EVERY  DAY of the year….

We love you.

For this reason, may we share this message to everyone of you, our loved ones.

Bro. Joe-Choly Rona and Family


The Dream of Christmas

The Greatest Gift of all

I once had a dream, a very vivid dream. In that dream the Spirit came. I could not see Him, but I felt His presence and understood His message.

In that dream the Spirit said, “On this Christmas Day I have a gift for you, My son. I am giving you a box. Look into it and appreciate My gift and its value, for it is My lasting gift to you forever. This gift if appreciated will always fulfill the reality of your dream now until forever.”

I was curious what the gift might be and what the Spirit meant.  I looked around for any gift, but I could not see any. Then from the darkness in front of me I could see a box wrapped in gold, and He said, “This has always been My lasting gift to you.”

My heart like that of a child jumped with joy when I saw the gift wrapped in gold. I wondered with curious and grateful amazement what the gift contained. I was glad to receive it. I opened it. To my great astonishment I saw nothing inside the box. It was simply black. What sort of a gift was this, I thought.

As I looked into the darkness inside the box, the Spirit impressed on me that like an empty box of myself I have no worth at all. I am simply nothing. What sort of a gift was I then to myself, I mused; for God would not fool me a gift that would have no value at all. But what was the gift in the box that was me, I could not understand at that moment

But the Spirit showed me from within the darkness of the box sparkling nuggets of lights. He impressed on me that I am the box, a golden gift from God given to me. I was the gift of the Spirit to myself.

Then the Spirit said, “Look deeper into the darkness within.” Slowly from within the darkness in the box sparkles of lights came forth. I understood the gift of my body and all its parts. More and more sparkles appeared from within the darkness of the box. The gift of life He gave me, the gift of movement for my body. Like a rush of sparkles bursting out with glee came out the gift of imagination, the gift of intelligence, the gift of reason, the gift of knowledge and the gift of free choice to know, to choose and to use any of all His other gifts available for my use and enjoyment…. All these were the content of the box profusely laid out before me.

I continued to see more and more the gifts that God has made of me. I did not realize until that moment that I was not a poor box of a gift after all. So I looked deeper into the box and intently observed what other things the Spirit would tell me about the gift of me.

“Look profoundly into the box and see what I have given you,” the Spirit said. I looked at the seemingly empty box which by now was about to spill over with sparkles.

There was in the box an inner box the lid of which I could not open. It was a box that was locked. I need a key to open the inner box. I looked around. There was none that I could call to help me open the box.

As I looked deeply on the surface of the inner box, I saw a key on top of it. A word was written on the handle of the key: Faith. I realized that Faith is the key to open the inner box to let flow all the treasures of God’s wisdom and knowledge from within the inner box which was within the gift of me.

With the key of Faith the inner box opened. And I saw an endless reservoir of treasures that I could not even exhaust to spend my whole life through.

The spirit told me to bring these treasures out and share them to those who are thirsty and hungry. And I saw that the more I looked into the inner box the more the treasures from within sparkled in order to be shared to all. I realized that the treasures within the box could never be exhausted. The more I shared the more the treasures appeared and flowed over.

I was able to see that the content of that empty inner Box is the total gift of God Himself: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And all the treasures of God’s wisdom and knowledge came along with Him in the fullness of the seemingly empty box. It was not empty after all when I looked deeper through the darkness that confronted me.

Then I knew. I was not only a gift of God to me. I was not simply an empty box in me. But I am the vessel of all the gifts and treasures of God’s wisdom and knowledge. I was already God’s gift of a box to me. But inside my being a box is an inner invisible “Box” the Box of God’s own Self Present within me.

Such is the gift that God has given me and all those who receive the message. Every one baptized has already received this endless gift within themselves.

Then the Spirit told me,

“My gift to you is the treasure of My everlasting Christmas…. The key for you to see secret of bringing out more treasures from this gift is to share them to everyone this same wisdom, knowledge and treasures…. Go, tell everyone , I am giving you to you as a gift to yourself; but I am giving you more than what you can hold. I am giving you the best gift of all – the Gift of Me – your God. However poor and damp may be the stable and the manger of your heart I still give Myself to you to be born in you. Tell everyone to come and enjoy the endless treasures of My wisdom and knowledge…. Share whatever you and they have received from Me that they too may understand that they are also given already My Greatest Christmas Gift of all – the Gift of Myself.

Greater gift than this no one has but to share the totality of oneself to all.

And on this Christmas Day as in every Christmas Day throughout the year I would like to receive from you a Christmas gift of yourself for Me – that you share every bit of gift that I have given you to all – from the outer box of yourself, to the inner box of your soul and finally the innermost Box of My Presence. By sharing yourself to everyone you will see that My gift of Me is an endless source of Goodness for you and for all. Have a blessed and Merry Christmas.”

I woke up. I reflected. I thought it was only a dream. The nostalgia in my soul is an echo of a longing for the final Christmas that will last forever without end. Yet as of now it has already been more than half a century that I have still been dreaming…. of a wonderful Christmas in my soul.

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