Divine Indwelling: Exhalation



These are the thoughts  and narrative of Sis Au during her internal experience with Divine Indwelling and learning about exhalation.  


“Lord, this is new to me. I don’t know how to deal with this.”

“Lord, I am scared.”

“Lord, it is too dark.”

“Lord, I can no longer handle the situation.”

“Lord, I don’t know where I am going.”

“Lord, give me strength.”



Inhale…holding my breath and counting to 3. Exhale…  then surrender everything to God. It was as simple as that, I was amazed at what DI could do and how it helped me for whatever situation I found myself in.


This is the first word that popped into my mind when the topic of Exhalation came about on our walkthrough session last week. With all the “not so good” things that have happened in my life, I am really glad that God still keeps leading me to the right path, no matter how I resist at most times.

I go through a cycle. Yet in the end, when things become rough and tough, I do take a deep breath and a big sigh and leave it all up to God. I submit all my pains, worries, fears and negativities with the thought that as long as I am breathing, for every minute that I am still alive, I am given the chance to continue and finish His master plan.

So yes, it may be painful. Yes, it may be dark. Yes, things are uncertain. Yet, despite it all, I can attest that God has never forsaken me, so I just exhale and surrender.


And then when I take a deep breath I can exhale to gather strength. “I can do this, Lord. I will make it through.” There are those times in my life that I have doubts in what I can do yet I know that with a little prayer, I always manage to pull through.

From the Philippines, then to Dubai, then to Australia, wherever life takes me even when it comes to work or with relationships, each time that I am being tested, again, a deep breath, and then exhale and ask for God’s guidance.  I believe that is Faith. With God, nothing is impossible.


Lastly, this word. An exhalation of relief. An exhalation of gratitude. Thank you, Lord. The dark days are over. I know there will still be challenges and trials to come but I am stronger now  and somehow wiser.  I believe that the next challenge will teach me more things in life as they always do. I know I question a lot. I know I analyse a lot. I am weak at most times. Yet, You always do something to remind me how lucky and blessed I am, that You are just calling my attention, that You have bigger plans for me, that You are just detaching me from people whom I no longer need in my life. I cannot promise that I will always be good but You know that I am always trying to follow You.

So I will take that deep breath once again, feel my heart and know that You are within me and then exhale and THANK YOU endlessly.

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