Process of Divine Indwelling: A Healer After My Fall

BY Malou Luisa Angeles

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Five years ago, when the mission house in Project 4, Q.C. was in full preparation for the firstcommissioning of aspirant facilitators in the Ascension of  our Lord Parish, under Fr. Bobot Clemen, the Parish Priest, I met an accident. 
I visited the feeding of the children at Teodora Alonzo Elem. School, sponsored by the Lord’s Leaven Mission Society. I did not notice the slippery cement as I was in a hurry. I fell immediately with my left knee bent on the cement and it was so painful. 
I rushed to the mission house as I could no longer stand erect. It was providential that Dra. Mary Ann Nolasco came to the rescue with our Bro. Resty Viloria, a mission aspirant. They put me on a chair, pulling it out of the mission house, to the car of Dra. Mary Ann. 
They brought me to the nearest Villarosa Hospital for an X-ray but the pain was unbearable. Bro. Resty suspected that I had a broken knee-cap since he too experienced it for almost two years, having an iron-bar till present time. 
Without further delay, Bro. Resty and Dra. Mary Ann brought me to the Orthopedic Hospital. I was again X-rayed and the doctor advised me that I needed to purchase a pin (aspile) if I really wanted to walk straight again.
Dra. Mary Ann whispered to me that we get a second opinion from another doctor.  So, we first bought a cloth binder for my left leg which I used for several weeks.
Bro. Joe called me up and instructed me to do the exhaling and inhaling process of D.I. while Dra. Mary Ann gave me the medicine for pain reliever.
In front of Sto. Niño in the mission house, I started my D.I. prayer. Following Bro. Joe’s instruction of just exhalation for several times and going into the interior journey. The pain wore-out to my surprise and I was able to stand and climb the stairs going to my bedroom. Dra. Mary Ann and Bro. Resty were surprised.
I thanked the Lord for this gift of healing through the process of Interior Journey.
Bro Joe Rona’s Insights

Miracles happen all the time. The word “miracle” comes from Latin “mira” (wonder) and the suffix “-culum” (state of…). So “miraculum” means a state or experience of wonder.”  It is a “wow” feeling… from the ordinary to the extraordinary,… from the natural to the supernatural.

There are several levels in the appreciation of miracles – that “wow” feeling. 

It starts with the wonder that a mother and kindred feel when a baby is born. The wow-feeling of joy and love and wonder to see a new life expressed – it is a wonder. It is a miracle!

A child given a gift or a toy! Just look at her face – What a joy! What a wonder! It’s a miracle! 

 When we win in any contest – wow, what a joy, what euphoria!

 When we realize and understand something which we would have searched and desired for so long – it’s a miracle! it’s a wonder!

 When we see things or events beyond the ordinary that catch our wonderment – it’s a miracle! What a wonder!

 People are looking for something beyond the ordinary, beyond the “natural.” And many think that these things are the miracles they are looking for.

 But the greatest miracle of all is when one can see the wonder of every little thing that happens, every little thing that one can see, can feel, can touch, can perceive beyond what one ordinarily see… 

 This is the miracle of SEEING GOD IN EVERY THING, EVERY PERSON, EVERY EVENT. To see God in every breath, in every beat of one’s heart, in every puff of wind, in every blade of grass, in every event, in every thing that God has made and done. To see things with the eyes of God, to do things with what God is doing. Life in all its aspects becomes a constant and ongoing miracle! Wow! 

 When one is in God and with God, one can always see the WONDER of every thing that is… It is that wonder of a little child…. “Unless you become as a little child, you cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.” You cannot see the wonder of it all! But when you are with God in you and can make a breakthrough into the spirit within your soul… then you can see the wonder of everything that exists.

 That’s the greatest miracle of all ….. to see God within you and see Him reflected in everything that He has made.




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