The Cross


On the day Brother Jo and Sister Choly arrived I was doing my usual DI whilst on my way to work, then in my thoughts an image of the cross dimly appeared.  My curiosity was so on high that I searched the internet but could not find the appropriate answer or response to what God was trying to say to me. But then I remembered that the process is not to ask but just to obey and be still.

Finally the day of the retreat came, it was sooooo lovely and was a perfect sunny day. In my heart I knew the weekend would be special. True enough so much was learned through sharings from Brother Jo, Father Meng – and Sister Choly too ☺

The most significant activities for me were the Dawn activity – OMG!  God was everywhere speaking through his creations of love!  Brother Jo asked us to discern God’s message from the sound of nature. As I was feeling the calmness, smelling the sweetness of the air and listening to the different lovely sounds from birds, the sea and the wind, I saw a tree’s leaves rustle then beside saw the cross on the retreat centre, then as I looked towards the right side of the centre’s grounds I saw another cross on the school building. My heart was pounding with excitement, God was indeed communicating to me!  

Then during one of our sessions upon hearing a fellow mission aspirant Bro Ryan sharing his revelations and thoughts on why we Filipinos are here in Australia; his detailed illustration of the cross was mind blowing for me, it was definitely the answer I was looking for about the image during my DI and the Dawn activity. The cross is the mission God has planned for us ☺  

We then started the activity of the Agape, we were asked to offer our love and prayers to our Blessed Mother Mary.  I felt extreme happiness and calmness as each one of us made our own offerings but after several aspirants I opened my eyes and I saw a mission aspirant Sister Lina in front of the Blessed Mother, during that moment something touched my heart. It was like a surge of emotions that suddenly hit me, my tears started to spill out and although I was confused as to why, I just let the emotions flow freely. I had no doubt it was the feeling of overflowing love from the Blessed Mother and the Triune.

There was so much love pouring that I felt I would choke or my heart would burst!  I had to tell everyone present at the retreat the message I felt from my heart’s experience; that our Blessed Mother loves us so much her heart is overflowing of her love that we should not fear or be saddened. I then followed my heart’s prompting to hug Lina, not sure why but I just obeyed my heart. I learned after the activity from Sisters Mel and Susan that it was Sis Lina’s late husband’s Birthday that day. I was speechless, it was certainly a mind boggling experience especially since I totally had no idea.

My husband Jo and I went home happy knowing our experience had changed – or rather enhanced our life, witnessing the miracles that happened to everyone. Without doubt our hearts are set to follow God’s plan to continue on sharing his love.

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  1. Beautiful and vivid! The Spirit was truly in our midst that day Sis Kat!

  2. Tita Kat, you have a gift of discernment that God wants you to enhance through His guidance, continue to pray and be in His loving presence always you have a big role to play.. He said do not fear for I am with you till the end of time.

  3. Sis. Kathy and Bro. Jojo, let us just continue to follow the path that Lord’s Leaven outlines for us, because it was the Blessed Mother (in 1984) that she gave that path. We just have to follow and along the way we shall be able to see. That path into the soul is DI-Written and Shared WalkThrough-Stages of Mission. We do not need to plan so much. Everything has already been planned by the Lord. Our task is simply to outpour His treasures from within us and enjoy the discovery of these treasures as we go on along. The Interior Journey is an exciting journey into ourselves to be ONE WITH GOD WHO IS ALREADY WAITING FOR US WITHIN US.

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