New website: Family Cenacle Groups Australia – LLMS

Praise be to God!

We would like to announce the launch of the brand new Family Cenacle Groups Australia website.

The website address is, and on this website you will be able to find many valuable resources such as:

  • Cenacle group profiles
  • Prayer Tools
  • Special Projects
  • Cenacle group events
  • Gallery of photos & videos
  • Links to our blog and affliate websites for LLMS

This site contains detailed information, tools and guides that you will have access to anywhere with an internet connection. You can find some valuable resources such as:

  •  Cenacle Prayer manuals
  • A wide range of Novena guides
  • Even the Blue Book as a PDF version
  • Photos from latest events
  • Videos compilations
  • Calendar of events

Make sure that you bookmark this link and share this amazing resources with others involved in the Family Cenacle Groups.

Special mention and thank you to the effort and labour of love that went to producing this amazing website.

The “Media Ministry Team”:

Rhona Alforte

Terri Tiojanco

Glenda Dacumos

Lei Halili

Zarene Halili & Jonathan Pok

One comment

  1. I am very blessed because the fulfilment and joy that I feel is not because of my own personal achievement but because God has allowed me to be part of this mission and to do this work for the benefit of our Family Cenacle Groups…


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