You’re Invited: Living Rosary October 8

Family Cenacle Australia would like to invite you to attend it’s Annual Living Rosary coming this Saturday October 8, to unite in prayer and pray for peace.

Timing could not be more relevant, Pope Francis recently requested and announced:

Today, more than ever, we need peace in this war which is everywhere in the world. Let us Pray for peace!”

So come and join us for:

Family Cenacle Australia’s Annual Living Rosary

Sponsored by Plumpton Family Cenacle Group

WHEN: Saturday 8th October, 2016 (Mass to start at 6pm followed by the Living Rosary)

WHERE: Good Shepherd Parish – 130-136 Hyatts Rd, Plumpton

About the Living Rosary

October is a dedicated month to the most holy rosary as liturgically it is also the month when the feast of Our Lady of Rosary is annually celebrated on the 7th. It is most appropriate then that here in Sydney Australia, the Family Cenacle Group Australia gather as one at this event that has now become a devotional tradition.

Why is it called a ‘Living’ rosary, one may ask? The beads are brought to life by actual people who represent each bead and as this is usually done at night, it is beautifully lit up by either battery- operated candles or nowadays glow sticks, as something that the youth who are actively involved in participating with the recitation of the mysteries, marvel to do!

Source – image of living rosary in action
Every year one family cenacle group volunteers to spearhead the living rosary and are the ‘hosts’ for the event. In saying this, the three functions of Christ, being:

Priestly, Prophetic, Kingly and Steward are very much manifested amongst the members:

To name a few of the many roles involved as:

Priestly – facilitate the preparation for the Mass, contacting the celebrant, organising the readings and lectors;

Prophetic – disseminate information about the living rosary; prepare audio visual aids to be used for the entirety of the event;

Kingly – facilitate arrangement of the venue, food and drinks to partake, collect love offering and stipend.

The Holy Mass is celebrated before the living rosary, songs for our Blessed Mother are sung by a choir and the activity is concluded with plenty of food and fellowship to be had by the community.




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