The Seed, Planted Within

By Glenda Dacumos

I dedicate this song to all Lord’s Leaven Missionaries. We may plant the Love of God today, through the legacy that God has revealed to us during our life time on earth. We may not see the fruit during our time, but in the future, it will grow as an orchard, and many will taste its fruits. For the fruit itself is the ever lasting Love of the Holy Trinity.

I walked one summer morning under a water-colored sky.
When I beheld a full and lovely tree,
I ate from her bough the date she offered me.
And to my surprise, she spoke to me.
“Would you like to hear the story of how I came to be?
I was a seed full of promise,
but I would take some eighty years to grow.
So I needed a dreamer to plant and to risk.
A dreamer who believed it could be so.
Now the dreamer must have known it was doubtful
that I would bear fruit before the dreamer died,
but the great love for the dream sees made it worth it anyway.
Others after me will know the reason why.

Yes, I’ve always known that we must live
by the love of what we may never see.
Yes, I’ve always known that we must live
by the love of what we may never see.

I listened as I sat in her wisdom and her shade.
I sensed that there was more for her to tell.
I nestled closer still,
for our talk had made us friends.
And I begged of her, please tell me more,
for the story was beginning to echo in my soul.

“The dreamer gathered me in hand and blessed me.
Then placed me in the earth where I could grow,
and each day I was watered with tears and laughter too;
protected when the icy winds would blow.
Now the seasons came and went while I grew stronger,
and before too long my dates would be ready be:
but the dreamer, who was planter, died before my dates were ripe,
so the feast I gave, the dreamer did not see.

The tears I now was crying fell gently at her knees.
I ate her dates, they fed my hungry soul.
She said, “You now enjoy the fruit of the dreamer’s love for me.
” And her gift was truth, now my heart could see.
That there’s a dreamer, and a planter and a seed inside of me.
So I will plant a seed full of promise,
for I believe that dream seeds live to grow.
And I will gather other dreamers who will plant, and who will risk,
and together we will live the truth we know.

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