A loving mother always listens to the cry of her child.  

1950:    An Altar Boy’s First Experience of Our Lady’s Motherly Love


I was about 7 years old, in Grade Two and was an altar boy. Mother Mary to me was as real as my earthly mother. She was my mother too. I could run to her and tell my worries and pains. She was always there to assure me of her motherly love and care for me. I cannot forget those wonderful days when I felt so close to her with the feelings of a little child, so comforted in the presence of a mother. I could pour out my childlike concerns to her at any time.
One afternoon I brought a bolo to school for our ground work.

A bolo is a large cutting tool of Filipino origin similar to the machete. It is used particularly in the Philippines. – Souce taken from Wikipedia

Unfortunately I lost it. That was my father’s only bolo for his garden. I did not know how to tell my father. I was afraid of being scolded. Nevertheless I did not say anything. I kept my worry to myself.

But I knew a mother is always understanding as mothers are. My own mother was nowhere to find, so I ran to church, knelt before the altar of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and poured out to her my anguish and fear. I then took a piece of paper which was always there ready for Mother Mary’s devotees to write their petitions on. I wrote a little note to her: “Nay, (meaning mother), I lost my bolo in school. And I am afraid to tell Tatay (father) about it. What shall I do? Please help me find my bolo.” I dropped the note in the Petition Box reserved for the purpose. Then I looked at her and I felt her love. I thanked her.
Our house was just a block away from the church. On my way home I was met by my cousin who was  just about my age. “Pin, they found the bolo. It was just there at the kitchen.” I was happy. Yet I could not understand. How could they find the bolo in the kitchen when I lost the bolo in school.
Strange things indeed can happen! Miracles do happen! Mother knows best!
All men, especially those baptized, are children of Mary. Mother Mary like a wonderful compassionate mother always listens to us. The prayer of a humble child, even the request of a simple  thing like a bolo lost, will not be abandoned by her. She will always find a way to make us know that she is just by us, ready to comfort us in our needs. Hence we should never waiver nor hesitate to call on her with all our faith and love.

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