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As I have been following the early stages of Divine Indwelling and Walkthrough I have been fortunate enough to reflect and understand the wisdom and knowledge of God through the ‘Lesson 6: Meditation Guide’. As a Mission Aspirant we are encouraged to meditate on these lessons and share our reflections through writing, so that we may share the wisdom that God imparts through us.

In these early stages of my meditation, God has revealed how Divine Indwelling is the key that can strongly guide us during the times we are living in now.

As humans we hear about all the tragedies in the world of violence, bloodshed and acts of terrorism. It is easy to focus on the negatives and feel that we have no stand against the evil and cruelness of the world. However God has promised that he has already conquered the world and Mary has assured us that her immaculate heart will triumph in the end.

We are in a spiritual battle and many times we can feel defeated with negativity when we see and hear pain and suffering around the world. God is reminding us that he has the final solution, he is our general who has already conquered the world. We fight these battles and experience the lows of negativity and doubt but he has already conquered. We just need to be reminded of that victory which God has already promised and fulfilled.

I know that through Divine Indwelling, to unite with God is to realise this victory and I will have peace with this promise of God. Mary also assures us that if we unite with God through the Divine Indwelling then we activate the key to the greatness of his wisdom and knowledge. Only then can the true solution to all the worlds problems be realised.

Another gracious message that has recently been revealed to me is the Fiat. As my wife and I studied the Meditation Guide, we were curious to know more of what was the meaning of the fiat of Mary. After searching on Google it was a beautiful and simplistic answer “LET IT BE!”

This was from the magnificat when Mary proclaimed.

“Let it be done to your hand maiden according to your will”.

This simple acceptance of God’s plan had the greatest of implications, Mary was key in the plan of God and through her fiat she changed the world to allow the saviour to be born and triumph.

We can all learn from Mary to have the grace to let it be, accept God’s plan, believe in his triumph, his victory and the knowledge that he has already conquered the world.

God truly gives us the grace to triumph and our great hope is that of the fiat of Mary…..let it be.

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