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Listen and hear God Speak

A true testimony on the experience of Divine Indwelling.
Even when we question him or doubt his existence he will speak to us and reveal himself, but we must first give him the opportunity to do so.

A great testimony of how the key of Divine Indwelling opens up communication with God. Verbal prayer allows us to express ourselves to God, however contemplative prayer where we sit in silence with God allows us the opportunity to listen to him and express himself through us. Please note while the post is written in Tagalog-English, there are English translations provided after each paragraph.


Before ako nagpunta sa healing retreat andami kong katanungan sa diyos. Nagdoubt ako kung totoo sya; I was asking myself pano ka makipagusap sa diyos kung puro ka problema at di mo alam solusyon. Until such time na naghealing part na kami and on that healing while I was talking to God pinaremember nya lahat lahat ng pagkakamali ko at dapat kong ihingi ng tawad….at pati mga bagay na hindi ko alam na dapat ko pa lang ikumpisal mas ihingi ng tawad sa SARILI KO.

Before I went to the healing retreat, I had so many questions to God. I doubted if He was even real; I was asking myself, how can I talk to God if my life was full of problems and I didn’t know the solutions to these problems? Until such time when I attended the healing retreat and during the healing session while I was talking to God, He reminded me of all of my shortcomings and mistakes that I had made and that I needed to ask for forgiveness. There were even other things I didn’t realise I had to ask for forgiveness from God and from MYSELF.

Sa confession just after magsabi ako ng aking kasalanan for the first time in my life nakipagusap sakin ang diyos … mga bagay bagay na di ko akalain at mga kasagutan sa mga tanong ko na di ko naman iniisip at dumarating na lang sa aking isip habang nakamasid ako at nakikipagusap sa banal ng ostya.

During confession just after I had confessed all my sins, for the first time in my life God talked to me… There were so many realisations that came to me, things that I did not expect to come purely from me and questions that I was no longer thinking about were suddenly answered and kept pouring out, all while I was prostrated and talking to the Holy Eucharist.

Masasabi ko na confession then divine indwelling is the key to talk to him and it is proven.

I can honestly say that Confession then Divine Indwelling is the key to talk to Him and it is proven.

I have been serving the church long time even back in the Philippines, but this had never happened to me.

The next week here I was again, just right after a day of confession with Father Dado. On that Sunday nagquestion na naman ako if he exists and on the mass the topic of the priest was about invitation of God to us lay man to be holy and just try to be like the saints – not perfect and tries to be holy.

The next week here I was again, just right after the day that I went to confession to Father Dado, on that Sunday afternoon, I questioned again if He exists. In the mass, the homily of the priest was about God’s invitation to us laymen to be holy and to try to be like the saints – not perfect but tries to be holy.

I am a sinner but lately I try not to be and even just thinking and not doing it, I try not to entertain sin or bad concepts but I am just human and hardships in life’s struggle gets me every now and then.

I am a sinner but lately I have been trying my best to avoid being a sinner. I try not to entertain sin or any bad concepts in my thoughts and in my deeds, but I am just human and hardships & struggles in life gets me every now and then.

On the way to bed I again asked him but I prayed and asked why things like this happen? I stopped and went to the kitchen but as I was doing something and without thinking of anything something said in my mind – ‘’DON’T DESIRE’’ “si Saint Francis nga tinanggalan ko ng desire in flesh, desire for material wealth.” I cried because I knew it was him.

One night, when I was about to go to bed, I prayed to God and I asked Him, why do things like these happen? After I prayed, I went to the kitchen but while I was doing something, someone said to me ‘DO NOT DESIRE’. “I am the one who removed and stripped away St Francis’ desire of the flesh and of material wealth.” I cried because I knew that it was Him talking to me.

Short but that’s what God wants us to be.

Mahirap but I’m relieved. Hardship will continue but as long as God will talk to you then assure that everything else will be a bypassing.

It’s challenging but I am relieved. Hardships will continue but as long as God talks to you then rest assured that everything will just pass.

I might say, 3 things to achieve if you want to hear God speak to you – 1.) We are humans but we have the right of free will. Try not to sin and if you do …Control it and make an effort. 2.) Confess – this is vey significant as it erases and takes away blockages for blessings 3.) Do pray and speak to him sincerely in Divine Indwelling then listen and you will be surprised that he will speak to you and YOU WILL KNOW IT IS HIM.

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