My Biggest Day into My new Spiritual journey

Last month we talked about the Baptism of one of our Family Cenacle Members, Aiza Cardano. (Read Here) 

Learn more about her journey in joining the Catholic faith and about the Blue Book aka The Marian Movement Priests, a book that has been instrumental for many members of our Family Cenacle Groups. Read how it has played an influential role in Aiza’s conversion.



29th July 2016 was the date chosen by God for me to enter into my new spiritual journey.

My parents belonged to the Seventh Day Adventist denomination and as a child I followed them and joined them at church every Saturday. Adventists believe in the infallibility of Scripture and teach that salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ.

When I married my husband, Kenneth who is a baptised Catholic, I joined him in attending the catholic Sunday Mass which enabled me to learn and understand some of the practices of the Catholic mass. At the time, I was just happy to attend 2 religions because I believed as long I knew God in my heart it didn’t matter what religion I practiced.

But God is good.

Fast forward to 2016 when I met and became inspired to join the Narwee Cenacle group. We prayed the rosary, read and studied the life of Mother Mary through the ‘Blue Book’, learnt together and shared beliefs and practices that made myself think and understand..


The ‘Blue Book’ as we called it in the Family Cenacle Group is otherwise known as The Marian Movement of Priests, it is a book written by Father Gobbi on messages he received from Mother Mary between 1973 to 1997. To quote a blurb:

“(This book) is the instrument chosen by Our Lady to carry her voice to the hearts and souls of her beloved children, a guide for helping them to live the consecration to her Immaculate Heart. In it, she manifests her maternal plan to lead all souls back to Jesus”.

A specially significant moment was when I opened my own blue book randomly for the first time and read Mother Mary’s message for me, this is why I made my decision to be converted as Catholic. The message was:

“Be converted, and repent your sins!”

“Be converted and return to the God who saves you!”

“Be converted and walk along the road of goodness of love and holiness..”


With this very timely message, and with great joy in my heart I announced to my faith community my decision for my conversion of becoming a Catholic and to be baptised! My cenacle group shared the excitement with me and gave me their assurance and full support to make this happen!

Together with my cenacle group I sought the help of Father John and Miss Lyn of Saint Declan’s church at Penshurst NSW for all the proceedings involved prior to my baptism day.

Before My biggest day, I started to search on google and ask my friends about the Rite of Reconciliation… I asked “How am I gonna tell my sins to Father John? What kinds of sins? Isn’t that awkward? Do I need to tell everything in detail? or Do I just need to trust father John?” I had so many questions in my mind, right until the moment I stepped in the confession room, I was so nervous at the time… and when I sat on the chair, my tears suddenly fell… I started to cry and confessed all my sins to Father, even though I did not expect to remember them all.. I don’t know what I said but I clearly made sure that I had confessed all my sins..

Father gave me advice and enlightened me of his words, he said “God is patient, God is waiting for you, He will forgive you, just believe him..”


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