How the Cenacle of Our Lady started

…at the Mission House in Project 4

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Praise the Lord! Today we get to learn about the origins of LLMS (Lord’s Leaven Mission Society), it starts with Mary’s invitation to pray and shows us how the first cenacle group was formed and started. Now there are Family Cenacle Groups all over the world namely in The Philippines, United States, Australia and thanks to God’s glory and Mother Mary’s guidance spreading globally to more parts of the world.

For those of you who have stumbled upon this blog from different parts of the world – Japan, Poland, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and many more.. we invite you to be a part of our journey as one Cenacle Family. Feel free to contact us if you wish to learn more..

The statue of Our Lady of Fatima. (picture courtesy of Turismo De Portugal Centro); from blog Myfacesandplaces

On April 9, 1984 there was a replica of Our Lady of Fatima Pilgrim Virgin, from Fatima Portugal awarded to me. The Pilgrim Virgin Statue is the authentic first class relic of Jacinta, Francisco, and (to represent Lucia who was still alive at that time) a chip of the holm oak tree on which Our Lady stood in 1917.

My earthly mother died on the same day that Our Lady came to the Mission. A fair exchange!

I brought Our Lady’s replica to grace the wake and burial of my mother. Mother from Heaven to mother on earth. A couple of days after the burial of my mother in our own hometown in Leyte (April 1984), I flew back with Our Lady to the mission house in Quezon City.

One afternoon seven of us mission volunteers were gathered at the Lord’s Leaven Mission House. While we were sharing our experiences in relation to the arrival of Our Lady, suddenly I noticed a strong fragrance of different kinds of fresh flowers, newly picked, all around us. These “invisible” flowers seemed to have just dropped in our midst as we were gathered around a table. That was strange because I who could not smell because of my cold was the first to notice the fragrance, the other four confirmed the same intense fragrance of flowers. But two companions among us could not smell anything. I then realised this was no ordinary physical fragrance; for how could I smell since I had a stuffy nose, while the other two who had perfect sense of smell could not smell anything. I understood what it meant. I felt a strong urge for prayer. So I said, “Oh, oh, the Blessed Mother is calling us to prayer.”

I got her replica from the altar, transferred her in the midst of us and we started our prayer. First the Holy Rosary, then we meditated on the blue book of the Marian Movement of Priests which was a thin white book at that time. A moment of silent reflection followed. Our prayer ended. The rest was a free flow fellowship sharing.

From that day on we decided to meet once a week every Monday at 2:30 pm to grace the presence of Our Lady. We started a simple format of prayer without us knowing that what we did was already a cenacle. Thus began the cenacle in the mission house.

From here on the cenacle spread throughout Metro Manila and to the other dioceses. Until today the cenacle has been going on in the Lord’s Leaven Mission House and has spread throughout the world.

Note: The Cenacle Format and the Manual was dictated by Our Lady. This would be another story to tell…

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