I finished Lesson 6… Praise the Lord !


Read the testimony of one of our DI’ers on her experience while completing Lesson 6 of the Divine Indwelling Meditation Study Guide, want to learn more? Contact us!


I finished Lesson 6! But first I would like to share my testimony:

I worked hard, and I was considered a success by those who knew me. Every time I achieved a goal, I expected that achievement to be followed by satisfaction and happiness. I enjoyed the praise and appearance of success but the satisfaction never lasted as inside my heart and my mind was an emptiness… a hollowness, that “things”, achievements and people could not seem to fill.

After a few attempts and persuasion from Sis Tess Halili, one day I decided to practice Divine Indwelling and started on Lesson 6 with writing my own reflections. From then on everything changed, it felt like an invitation to know God.

I was familiar with God, but by doing and writing my reflections my relationship with God became intimate. I became hungry to know Him more and I became addicted in writing my own reflections, my eyes were opened and I recognised His presence everywhere and I wanted to tell others about Him because of all the joy He had given me.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour in a much more meaningful way.

During my reflections on Lesson 6 I came to know what it meant to be satisfied and I could feel there was a huge difference. I looked at things from a different perspective; I was no longer empty, I was filled with a sense of purpose, that I was bigger than the moment of glory.

For the first time in my life I knew contentment.

I am amazed by God’s Grace and Forgiveness, as He continues to show me what He considers “success” and how to live in the only life that really satisfies – a life that is covered by the Love of God within me.

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  1. Your testimony sis Adora is crystal clear… just like looking through your reflection on a body of clear pure body of water… everything is making sense 100% of the time!

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