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I finished Lesson 6… Praise the Lord !

As a Mission Aspirant we are encouraged to meditate and write on the Lesson 6: Meditation Guide, after each Mission Aspirant has accomplished their meditation on Lesson 6, they will be commended for commissioning to the Second Stage of Mission as ‘Aspirant Facilitator’ on Lesson 6.
To All Mission Aspirants, we encourage you all to do the same! Start writing, keep writing, leave a legacy… in the meantime I hope this helps to motivate you!
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Read the testimony of one of our DI’ers on her experience while completing Lesson 6 of the Divine Indwelling Meditation Study Guide, want to learn more? Contact us!


I finished Lesson 6! But first I would like to share my testimony:

I worked hard, and I was considered a success by those who knew me. Every time I achieved a goal, I expected that achievement to be followed by satisfaction and happiness. I enjoyed the praise and appearance of success but the satisfaction never lasted as inside my heart and my mind was an emptiness… a hollowness, that “things”, achievements and people could not seem to fill.

After a few attempts and persuasion from Sis Tess Halili, one day I decided to practice Divine Indwelling and started on Lesson 6 with writing my own reflections. From then on everything changed, it felt like an invitation to know God.

I was familiar with God, but by doing and writing my reflections my relationship with God became intimate. I became hungry to know Him more and I became addicted in writing my own reflections, my eyes were opened and I recognised His presence everywhere and I wanted to tell others about Him because of all the joy He had given me.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour in a much more meaningful way.

During my reflections on Lesson 6 I came to know what it meant to be satisfied and I could feel there was a huge difference. I looked at things from a different perspective; I was no longer empty, I was filled with a sense of purpose, that I was bigger than the moment of glory.

For the first time in my life I knew contentment.

I am amazed by God’s Grace and Forgiveness, as He continues to show me what He considers “success” and how to live in the only life that really satisfies – a life that is covered by the Love of God within me.

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Your testimony sis Adora is crystal clear… just like looking through your reflection on a body of clear pure body of water… everything is making sense 100% of the time!

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