Di Mo Na Kailangan… (You Do Not Need…)


Reflections from August 10, 2016

After going to confession this morning, the priest gave me a printed article. The article was an adaptation from Richard Rohr on using the twelve-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

As I was reading it on the train on my way home from work, the spiritual insights mentioned in the article were very similar to the concepts of Divine Indwelling and walkthrough. And those insights inspired me to come up with ten tips on applying D.I. in our common human experiences.

Sinfulness: di mo na kailangan mahiya (you need not live in shame); for the mercy and grace of God dwells within.

Death: di mo na kaliangan magluksa (you need not mourn); for Christ, who has conquered death on the cross and has risen back to life dwells within.

Illness: di mo na kailangan manghina (you need not feel weak); for Jesus the Healer, who has endured all physical pains through His passion, dwells within.

Depression: di mo na kailangan mabalisa (you need not feel anxious); for the God of hope, who embraces us specially during the lowest moments in our lives, dwells within.

Loneliness: di mo na kailangan malungkot (you need not be sad); for the unconditional love of the omnipresent God dwells within.

Poverty: di mo na kailangan magutom o mauhaw (you need not be hungry or thirsty); for God the generous provider, who has multiplied the fish and bread to feed thousands of people, dwells within.

Limitations: di mo na kailangan mawalan ng pag-asa (you need not lose hope); for the unlimited God, who makes all things possible, dwells within.

Arrogance: di mo na kailangan magmarunong (you need not lean on your own understanding); for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit dwells within.

Fear: di mo na kailangan mataranta (you need not panic); for the peace of God, the kind of peace that the world cannot give, dwells within.

Calamities: di mo na kailangan mangamba (you need not be scared); for Jesus, who calms rough seas and raging storms, dwells within.

With all the dangers, threats, and adverse situations present in our world today, all we really need is to be still, breathe well, and speak to God in the silence of our hearts.

D.I. muna… kailangan. (Divine Indwelling, before anything else, that’s what we need).

(Pun intended)

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  1. Amen!
    Awed with God’s sanctifying grace, now Ryan lapatan na Ng musika … 😊

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