As their journey unfolds… Valenzuela Group

Meet the Valenzuela Group from Manila, Philippines. They are a newly consecrated group walking through together and journeying with God through Divine Indwelling. The beauty of each family cenacle group is their unique experiences and identity; as God’s expression is unique in all of us so are the lessons and wisdom they share.

The Valenzuela Group have opened their hearts, shared their experiences and can attest to God’s never ceasing love, now they want to tell you that you can have this too. All you need is to open your heart and recognise he is there waiting for you to be with him…

“PAG SI LORD ANG NAGPATUPAD, DI PUEDENG KUKUPAD – KUPAD” – When God wills it He will lead us through it!!!

I met the Valenzuela (north of Metro Manila Philippines) Cenacle group one stormy afternoon when all else failed for me to go out and hit the mall…  as soon as I contented myself to spend the next hour and a half listening, I learnt how each contributed, offered, shared, learned, healed and figured out that each was a valuable soul putting together their broken pieces to be one and whole again through DIVINE INDWELLING. I knew then I was being directed by the Great Triune to do just the same…

From then on every other Saturday afternoon that sister Tess Halili & I would spend with them,  we would each contribute to the call of God through our souls. Because it is at some level (we are getting there, trusting the good Lord) in our being that we already understand; as to what having a personal relationship with God means.

God is always inviting us, His love never ceases to call on us day or night, 365 days a year. The realisation of this beautiful truth of His love for us comes when we step up and make a sacred commitment to love Him back – which was immensely felt through our Walkthrough and DIVINE INDWELLING.


Each member has shared how she repressed herself and consciously or unconsciously dimmed her “own light” by being too engrossed to desire a change on the outside, then came the struggles in all aspects of their lives. Until one day – and only through the grace of God,  they opened the “gates” of their hearts, making herself available for one another, for the growth of their soul… for God.

I think this is how each were found by the Lord’s Leaven Mission Society (LLMS) – indeed they were called to serve God through the church’s ministries. Quite recently being the Valenzuela Feeding Program; they have been geared towards educating the young children of a sector/ “barangay” (villlage) in the town of Valenzuela and in addition aiming for the propagation and formation of more cenacle families among the parents of the young children!

Everyone is out there – in service – inspired & in-sync to proclaim the Good News of God’s Divine Indwelling!!!

Looking forward to their testimonies …  as their journey unfolds…

Much love
Terri T

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  1. To the Valenzuela Cenacle Group… you are our hands & feet that enables the charity work of the Family Cenacle Groups Sydney become a reality. Thank you. Let us all continue to journey together as one community. God bless.

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