Walkthrough with Bro Jo: “HELL IS REAL” – Part 2

By Bro Jo Rona

Welcome to Part 2 of Bro Jo’s revelations of “Hell is Real”. Don’t forget to read Hell Is Real – Part 1 if you haven’t already!

Second Level of Hell: a Conscious Dream

Couple of years passed. This time I was residing in Project 4, Quezon City, with my growing family. This was my base for the mission that providence assigned me.

This time this experience was not in a form of a vision. It all happened like a very vivid dream. My eyes were closed, but my body was weak. My mind was fully conscious and awake.

I saw myself in front of the wide portico steps of a dilapidated and abandoned castle. It was dim twilight. I could only see very slightly a gleam of light. Thorny vines filled with dead leaves cluttered all over the castle, inside and out, and intertwined themselves clutching on to the castle like a haunting possession of a lost and condemned spirit. Broken branches of dead trees. Dried up leaves and dirt was all around. You could be pricked by the thorns scattered all over the place.

What was this place? Where was I? Again there was my “companion angel.” He was the same angel who was with me in the first vision of “hell.” Still he said nothing to me. I did not know who he was. But I felt safe with him beside me.

Then from a far left corner of the castle slowly came out in a very slow procession a horde of souls, men, women, all distorted in shape, bowed by the immense weight of what they were carrying. Each one of them had big loads to carry on their backs.

Then there was this ferocious beast, the devil. All the souls in this place looked similar to the devil guarding them. The devil was mad, emitting heavy fume of anger and heat from his nostrils. He had a huge spading fork with a handle so long as to reach out to the souls even at a distance like he was stocking bundles of hay in autumn. He was grumbling, snorting and shouting all the time with anger and revenge. He poured out his utmost anger and hatred on the souls in front of him. He forked the slower ones out of the crowd and hurled them far off to the right. And the souls were swung so high with an indescribable speed and landed to where the devil wanted them to be. I did not know nor see where they went. They were just flung quick out of my sight. The souls were helpless victims, suffering from this tremendous demonic hatred and anger.

I called one of the souls who was nearby to join me and my angel by the steps of the castle where I and my companion angel were. With great hesitation he obliged and sat down on the third step up, I sat on the second step down. My angel was just standing in front of us. It was then I noticed that my angel was standing on nothing. He was practically floating. Below him with what seemed to be the ground level was nothing. It was black, very black. I could not see anything below it, no ground, no pavement, no foundation. Simply utter blackness and nothingness. I also noticed when I looked up that it was also very black, nothing above us but darkness. I understood that we were in a unique universe, nothing above, nothing below. Is this what was called a chasm?

Anyway I was with this creature, so distorted, so ugly. but I knew he was a man. I felt compassion for him, a different feeling I had from what I felt when I looked at the devil. I noticed that the devil looked like the souls who were there, ugly, distorted and fierce looking. Or perhaps it was the other way ’round, the souls looked like the devil. I seemed to understand that the souls in the levels of hell where they are appeared like the devil himself of that level. That was my impression.

“What place is this?” I asked the man.

“Hell!” he answered. “What else could this be? What are we here for, suffering forever? Is this not hell!”

“What are you suffering from? Why are all of you carrying those heavy loads?” I became very inquisitive.

“These are the things we got so attached to while we were still alive on earth. These were more important to us than what God wanted us to do. We spent our time, effort and all our thoughts on these things. All for ourselves…. ! There were times when we were “religious” but, now I see we were only using God for ourselves only and not really according of what God wanted of us. Now, here we are with these, and we cannot use them at all. However, we carry them all the time with us, and we know we shall carry them forever. Can you imagine us carrying all these useless loads for ever? When can we rest from all these burdens?”

He started sobbing, a deep feeling of uselessness, hopelessness and abandonment. I cannot imagine how he felt. I only felt pity for him. We were silent for a while.

Like a quick stroke of lightning, the devil shouting like thunder blasted on us and hooked the soul in front of me with his fork and threw him away far…far…far away until he vanished out of sight. I wept for him. I was helpless. My soul was dug up inside out. I felt like I was about to vomit.


Third Level of Hell: a continuation in the same conscious dream

The scene changed. I and the angel immediately slid in through the dark ground below us floating ourselves into another world. I saw myself arriving at the place first, then my angel after me floating down from somewhere above. It was an eerie place, hot with fumes and smoke. No walls, no boundaries, no limits. But there was no fire here too. What I could see was just a gray, hot, boiling and burbling ocean of lava. It was a little brighter here than twilight, but every thing is like a cloudy, murky, hazy and lonely day. It was just me and my angel that were the visible living beings in this eternal boundless place where we were.

“What is this place?” I asked.

“Hell! the third level of hell.” My angel spoke for the first time. He seemed to introduce himself to me spiritually to make me know for the first time that he was St. Michael the Archangel.

“Hell! But why is there no fire here just like the two levels you have shown me?” I inquired.

“There is no fire here. The fire starts on the fourth level below.”

“Why is there no one I see here unlike the other two levels?”

“There is no soul in sight in this place of hot burbling lava, because everyone including the devils are inside this ocean of lava. This is their place and their own punishment…. Satan is in the deepest place in hell.”

I gasped when I heard this. I could not comprehend what my angel said, nor imagine how the souls would suffer in this place. But I took his words as he revealed them to me.

I did not know what happened then. The dream just vanished.




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  2. I felt a very deep sadness Bro Joe when I read this .. I prayed straight after and also called for my guardian angel so as to help me remove the negative thoughts in my mind – Hopelessness – despair – fear… Then I closed my eyes and immersed myself in Divine Indwelling! Slowly but surely I felt refuge, peace and a surge of bright light and warmth ! Then an embrace from the Divine and loving God as if He were saying “Child this is your Father do not be afraid”

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