Mondays With Mother Mary Standing By You.. Always

Photo taken in Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in Paris France

Have you ever seen Mama Mary depicted lying down? Have you ever seen a painting or image of Mama Mary sleeping? No.. Why? Because how can a mother look out for her child if she’s lying down sleeping or sitting down?

Have you noticed that in all her apparitions she is standing? That is because she is always ready to look after her child. She always appears to us full of life & grace. Grace that has been given to her by God.

If there are images of her crying it means that she is crying with us & for us. She doesn’t want us to be away from God & that’s why all her images show her standing, ready to run after us to take us back to God.

Her arms are always stretched out ready to catch us & ready to embrace us. She shows to us humility through her hands; always clasped together which is a sign of prayer, because when we pray we surrender everything to God. She wants us to receive the same grace that God had given her.

Her physical appearance is a perfect example of purity, a valuable characteristic that all men & women must understand & aspire to be. Standing is also a sign of courage & strength, someone who is ready to do battle to defeat evil & to crush its head before any harm can get to her children. She is a model of protection.

Everything that she had done for Jesus she would like to do with us & for us. That is how much she loves us. How can the Mother of God, queen of heaven & earth be a servant?

This is where Jesus got his traits, he obeys, serves & loves God & all His children. So how can we be complacent about what’s going on with ourselves? When we have a spiritual mother who is always standing next to us.. How can we think that our journey with God is laborious? When God has given us a mother who will never tire to help us or give up on us. How can we, as Gods children ignore His calling? When everything that exists is God’s revelation of His love for us? How can we be too caught up with ourselves when Mama Mary who in her handmadenness just said ‘Yes’ without hesitation.

In our weaknesses, we must see & recognise Mama Mary as not just the perfect example of humility, suffering, kindness, obedience & faith. We must acknowledge her presence in our life as our mother; a mother who is always ready to listen, ready to walk with us, ready to pray with us & ready to guide us.

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, This is my personal reflection dedicated to Mama Mary for everything she has done for me and for my family.

By: Lei Halili

3 Comments on “Mondays With Mother Mary Standing By You.. Always

  1. This insight is so touching. We always took things for granted for all the things that Mother Mary done.

  2. Mother Mary never rests in being our refuge, consoler & our intercessor who prayed with us and for us. She conceded to God’s plan for me and my salvation, Ave Maria!

  3. Very touching Lei! Mama Mary is our Inspiration as a Mother giving unconditional love to everyone, her children!

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