My Biggest Day into My new Spiritual journey

An inspiring read about Aiza’s spiritual journey and the reason why she became a Catholic.
Through her sharing you will learn about the ‘The Blue Book’ aka The Marian Movement of Priests an instrumental book for Family Cenacle Groups. Aiza’s story is one of the many examples of how Mary intercedes in our lives and invites us to be one with God.

How the Cenacle of Our Lady started

The title says it all, read about how it all started and the first Cenacle group formed. It all began with an invitation from our Mother Mary to pray with her.
For those of you who have heard the calling to pray, we invite you on behalf of Mother Mary to join us in prayer as one Cenacle Family.
Contact us for more details on how to start your own Cenacle prayer group and begin your spiritual journey.

I finished Lesson 6… Praise the Lord !

As a Mission Aspirant we are encouraged to meditate and write on the Lesson 6: Meditation Guide, after each Mission Aspirant has accomplished their meditation on Lesson 6, they will be commended for commissioning to the Second Stage of Mission as ‘Aspirant Facilitator’ on Lesson 6.
To All Mission Aspirants, we encourage you all to do the same! Start writing, keep writing, leave a legacy… in the meantime I hope this helps to motivate you!
Read one of our most recent Mission Aspirants who recently completed their lesson.

Listen with the Ear of your Heart

Early this August the Family Cenacle Group had another Healing Retreat.
Read the experience of one of our Family Cenacle Members during their time at the retreat.
Through time we all carry some sort of “old injury”, may it be physical or emotional. Through the healing retreat you can learn more about yourself, the healing that you need and how God can walk you through to recovery.
To learn more about the next Healing retreat feel free to contact us!

Seeing God through practical experiences and nature

Hope you enjoy! Our blog writer for today encourages us to give our 100% to God.
Through his own passions and interest he has found a way to continue to find God’s expression in all creation and share his Divine Indwelling with people.
Which leads me to think.. what am I 100% passionate about? And how can I use this passion to express my love to God.

Divine Indwelling as a Tax Planner

A funny and interesting read, today’s story is a great example of a life lived in divine indwelling.
Often times we try to take matters in our own hands, but what Divine Indwelling allows is the opportunity to consult God in all aspects of of our lives.
Unsure about money? Ask God. Unsure about your relationships? Ask God! Unsure about anything? Ask God! All we need to do is give him the opportunity to work through us, give him time, patience and Trust in Him.. for his ways are always the best ways.
God is unlimited, after all he is our creator! Because he is within us, we can also be unlimited… All we need to do is be the vehicle for his great power.