How the Cenacle of Our Lady started

The title says it all, read about how it all started and the first Cenacle group formed. It all began with an invitation from our Mother Mary to pray with her.
For those of you who have heard the calling to pray, we invite you on behalf of Mother Mary to join us in prayer as one Cenacle Family.
Contact us for more details on how to start your own Cenacle prayer group and begin your spiritual journey.


Today’s post is an analogy of learning to drive and learning how to live a life in Divine Indwelling.
It leaves you to question, how do you choose to drive in your life? And how can we remain in the presence of God always in our hearts?

I finished Lesson 6… Praise the Lord !

As a Mission Aspirant we are encouraged to meditate and write on the Lesson 6: Meditation Guide, after each Mission Aspirant has accomplished their meditation on Lesson 6, they will be commended for commissioning to the Second Stage of Mission as ‘Aspirant Facilitator’ on Lesson 6.
To All Mission Aspirants, we encourage you all to do the same! Start writing, keep writing, leave a legacy… in the meantime I hope this helps to motivate you!
Read one of our most recent Mission Aspirants who recently completed their lesson.

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