Saturday Song Day: The Miracle

Hello Divine Indwellers! Happy Weekend! Wanted to share this beautiful song from one of our Walkthrough-ers from our Saturday Walkthrough session.

Video from itwebcomputers – The Miracle (Stylistics) Youtube Video

The Miracle (The Stylistics)


The sun belongs to the sky
The leaf belongs to the tree
The grape belongs to the vine
And you, you belong to me

isn’t it a miracle
It’s another miracle
Thank God for the miracle
You belong to me

I used to think that time was just a thing to pass away
Love was just the game that children play
God was just another word to say
And so was something in a song

And I put down the fools who said that life was meaningful
Laughed when someone mentioned miracle
Cried ’cause such things were impossible
And then you came alone

Now I believe, I believe
Miracles can be
And in my song I thank God
You belong to me

For complete Lyrics, please go to Lyricfinder

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