by Rhona Alforte

Last weekend, I bought myself and my 5yr old son a basketball. We went to a nearby park which had a basketball court and played there. Even though it was windy and I was not 100% well with my cough that has lingered for more than 4 weeks now, I decided to get out of the house with my son and spend some time under the beautiful sun.

As we were playing basketball, I had a thought about my life journey so far.. it has surely been a long and winding road.. but one that is fruitful and I am learning as I go along this path of being a single mum.

I have not played basketball for years, so I kept missing my goals, but I also kept picking up that basketball and throwing it again. Until I am able to get it in the hoop!

As I was doing this quite repetitively, I have come to a realisation that shooting that ball and letting go is what I need to do. I need to shoot for better things in life, shoot for a peaceful life, shoot for forgiveness of those who have hurt me, shoot for self improvement, development, and at the same time, LET GO of the ball.. Let go of everything and leave it up to my God! Because in Him, everything is a sure goal!

“Entrust your cares to the Lord and he will support you.” (Psalm 54:7-8,9- 10a, 10b-11a, 23)

– Rhona Alforte


One Comment on “Basketball

  1. Sis. Rhona, a beautiful analogy you made. Life is like playing basketball indeed. It is a running back and forth to reach to one’s goal: the Goal of Good, Peace, Compassion, Wisdom and Love or the Goal of Evil, Confusion, Problems, Loneliness, Disappointments and Sufferings.

    Lord’s Leaven is aimed to help an individual live a life that would realize and win the ultimate purpose for which life on earth has been intended by God: , like the basketball court, that we win and not lose the wonderful things of life that God has already given to us, but that people may not be aware of.

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