Teri’s DI Journey


Follow Teri on her journey with God and learn more about how through Divine Indwelling, God calls us to come back to him who is dwelling within our hearts.

Teri’s journey is a great example of how Divine Indwelling allows each and everyone of us to have a personal relationship with God especially through the times when we need him most.

God loves us and is longing to be with us, to embrace us in our times of trial and to speak to us. He invites you to to join him in his presence.

Want to learn more? Listen and watch Teri’s journey to understand how you can also have a personal relationship with God.

He loves you, he misses you and he is waiting for you…

God Bless

3 Comments on “Teri’s DI Journey

  1. Sis Terri, thank you for sharing. I would like to share to you my favourite Bible Verse – Matthew 7:13-14.
    ” Jesus never said it would be easy, but He said it would be worth it.”

  2. Thanks for sharing ate teri, so inspiring.God is so good,
    We just need to “Keep calm and trust Him”.

  3. I love your video Tita Terri! Your sharing is straight from the heart and is such a strong testimonial!

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