Mondays with Mother Mary: Immaculate Conception

How is the plan of God linked with the Immaculate Conception?

God has always planned for man to be Immaculate & full of Grace. Grace is more original than sin.

Because of God’s Eternal Covenant – which is, the covenant between God the Father & God the Son to save humanity from their sin and to bring humanity back to God. It is called eternal because it is never ending, until there is heaven & earth there will exist the covenant that God will save men from their sin.

For God to make this Eternal Covenant happen, God conceived, planned and designed a creation from Earth that is unblemished, pure, and free of faults & errors.

God needed a human being to bring God the Son – Jesus Christ into the world, to fulfil their plan of salvation. Someone pure & immaculate, because God is also pure & immaculate. Therefore He has to come from someone who is also Immaculate.

This human being came from a tribe called Anawim in the Old Testament – they were the poorest of the poor, the most vulnerable, oppressed and totally dependent on God. They didn’t possess any earthly power nor have any authority over anything. This tribe was ever most faithful to God & they waited for the Lord to fill up their emptiness. They always rejoiced in the Lord.

The sacrifices and tremendous persecutions suffered by the Anaws spanned for 4 generations – from the Syrians, Babylonians, Greeks and Romans.

Because of persecutions and continued devotion (offerings of sacrifices), the Anaws were greatly purified of their sins from generation to generation. Mother Mary’s parents Anne & Joachim came from this tribe.  God saw special favour in the people of this tribe because of their complete faithfulness, sacrifices and total dependency to God.

The redemptive grace of Jesus Christ for humanity began with Mother Mary, because she was conceived in the mind of God, planned, pre-destined, chosen and preserved to be conceived & born without original sin. Making her the Immaculate Conception.

When Mother Mary was 3, she was taken to the temple by her parents to be consecrated to God, it was also written that she stayed in the temple until she was about 11 or 12.

After this, she was betrothed to Joseph; therefore Mother Mary was never exposed to any other relationships that would make her impure.

Through the merits of Jesus Christ, Mother Mary was spared from original sin.

She is the perfect model of Immaculateness because she is the first human being to experience the salvation of God & full incarnation of God.

Jesus Christ is also an Anaw and is called the Fruit of the tribe because He came from someone who is Immaculate.

Mother Mary’s immaculateness was also mentioned in the Bible In Luke 1:28 – when Archangel Gabriel visited Mother Mary during the Annunciation, Gabriel said, “Hail Mary Full of Grace… the Lord is with you!”

In Mother Mary’s MAGNIFICAT, Luke 1:47 – “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord, my spirit rejoice in God my saviour, for He has looked with mercy on my lowliness & my name will be forever exalted, for the mighty God has done great things for me.”

This is Mary acknowledging God’s saving grace on her. She knows that it is God that saved her from original sin & she will be part of the plan of Gods salvation.

Mother Mary’s Immaculate Conception doesn’t end after she was born because she received the full Incarnation of God in, Spirit, Soul & Body. Making her Immaculate state throughout her lifetime & beyond.

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